Resident Evil Village crack completely fixes its stuttering issues

DSOGaming writes: "Earlier today, EMPRESS cracked Resident Evil Village and we can confirm that the pirated version does not suffer from any stuttering issues."

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Profchaos71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

If a game is cracked I would really hope the Devs rollback overly restrictive DRM methods that just hurt legitimate owner if the game with no impact to those who pirate

LightofDarkness71d ago

Many western devs have removed Denuvo after a year or two, but Japanese devs rarely revisit released games unless there's money to be made. To be fair, they're generally of a higher standard as regards stability and bugs vs western studios, but in cases like this it's disappointing.

telgou71d ago

Do you think they should use those overly restrictive DRM that hurt buyers in the first place ?

Profchaos71d ago

I think publishers have a right to protect their product. The PC being an open platform makes it an easy target for piracy and I remember being a PC gamer in the early and mid 2000s where we really paid the price in a time before steam many publishers were not releasing games on PC because piracy numbers were huge even juggernaut games like crysis suffered high numbers of piracy. Believe me I don't ever want to see us back in those darker days where the PC was pretty much ignored or an afterthought.

Anti copying techniques were for the better part a joke around this time most easily cracked in a day.

So I'm not saying it's right but I'm saying I understand why denovo and other harsh copyright practices are being used to protect prominently single player games.
The point being once a game has launched if it manages to stay out of pirate hands that's fine but if it doesn't well ok it's time to drop the DRM it's not helping them. Just out in a secure rom type crack minimal interference with the core game but a basic protection to stop just straight up copy and paste copying for friends of friends.


Resident Evil Village crack completely fixes its stuttering issues, EMPRESS has cracked it. Game should have been on GOG then we wouldn't have these PC issues. I wonder who has better skills fixing games lately, devs or just regular people, cracking them 😀 EMPRESS does good work though I must say 👍 I guess I will test it and see.

XxINFERNUSxX70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

Well I uninstalled it. Like Digital Foundry Alex said it's not optimized for the PC at all. To me it's a shit port 💩. This could have been the best version if they took the time to develop it from the ground up. Just getting through the menu was just so dumb who the hell designed that? LOL. ESC doesn't get you out of them, have to use the mouse and arrow keys WTF haha. I think Capcom should let someone else bring ports over that knows how to develop on the PC. Or better yet stay the fuck off the PC if you can't make a proper port 😀👍 Imagine paying for this crap. 🤣

1nsomniac71d ago

Yet again, the cracked copy runs better than official copy. But Denuvo still releases public statements that “we guarantee customers our software doesn’t effect your purchased products”. Despite how much it has been proven otherwise.

NoFanBoy71d ago

Well they have lost a sale from me as I don't buy broken stuttering games, the DRM is the cause and they will never remove it , FFS capcom.

kryteris70d ago

Well that is embarrassing.