Assassin’s Creed Infinity will make or break the franchise

Sirus Gaming: If you're a fan of the new Assassin's Creed installments, then this may be good news for you. But as someone who has followed the game since its first installment and played almost every entry in the franchise, I believe that Assassin's Creed Infinity will be the one to break the game for a lot of the older fans.

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Knightofelemia106d ago (Edited 106d ago )

Origins wasn't bad it introduced new elements to the franchise but Odyssey improved the elements and also added some new stuff as well out of the two I prefer Odyssey. The bounty hunters in Origins were a pain in the ass to fight now mater how strong you were in Odyssey they were actually fun to beat. I just found Greece better then Egypt to be honest. Valhalla I still have to find time to play that one so I reserve my judgement about that one when I get time to get around to it.

seanpitt23105d ago

Don’t waste your time with Valhalla.. if you do you will regret it.

Latex74105d ago

Have too agree with this dont bother with valhalla played about 30 hours waiting for it to get interesting never did so sold it

ScootaKuH104d ago

I liked Origins, loved the Egyptian setting. I started out enjoying Odyssey but the sheer size of the map meant fatigue set in and I never finished it.

I enjoyed Valhalla as well. For me it's better than Odyssey but not as good as Origins.

zahdab105d ago

Origins was way better than odyssey... but it all comes down to taste

TheSinsibleOne105d ago

Found Origins boring tbh. Still good but I thought Odyssey was the best AC since Ezio era. It had everything and more.

Gardenia104d ago

Origins for me is one of the best AC but that is because I'm very interested in the history of ancient Egypt and everything with it. Odyssey was okay but felt more like a reskin of Origins.
With Valhalla it is again the same as the one before with minor improvements. Also Valhalla is the game that is the farthest from being an AC game. Whatever they do with the next game, it should go back to what AC is about or might as well give it a different name.

FallenAngel1984105d ago

If AC Unity couldn’t kill the series, nothing can

Lightning77105d ago

What I find disheartening is that they have all the devs from past AC games working on this game. Allot of these devs and main teams also worked on past Splinter Cell games. In turn, we won't be seeing a Splinter Cell game for a very long time. Late this gen at the earliest.

camel_toad105d ago

Man do I miss Splinter Cell. And Spies vs. Mercs. Sooooo satisfying getting a stealth kill on a Merc.

zero_jp105d ago

So they’re done with single player AC games then? Or is Infinity akin to Elder Scrolls Online?

Why can’t we have both? I just don’t want them to stop making stand alone solo games.

I do want them to let them bake for longer. Maybe once every 4 or 5 years release an incredible single player only AC.

Hell why they have yet to give us Japan when everyone and their mother wants it I’ll never know. Surely they could come up with something cool. I just don’t buy the well they’re both basically ninjas and stealthy excuse they keep selling that it wouldn’t work.

The setting alone would make folks go ape sh*t especially if it’s done right.

justadelusion105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

i have felt for a long time now they are hanging on to japan for something big(maybe a return to actual assassin type game), or if something like this fails hard then they have it to fall back on

jukins105d ago

Doubt it. This fails theyll just make a big announcement about returning to classic assassins creed.

enkiduxiv105d ago

It will break the series if it succeeds. Let’s look at the last time we got a proper sequel to Warcraft or Elder Scrolls once they released the online multiplayer game. Sure. If it’s good and people enjoy it good for them. It will still be the last entry in the series.

jukins104d ago

Well elder scrolls is understandable since its so big snd still on the way. Even for warcraft i dont think online so much killed the normal entries more than sidelined them, that said, Activision though.....they for sure have killed the idea

enkiduxiv104d ago

@jukins Remember the Elder Scrolls 6 is a 2026 release at the earliest (It won't even start full development until Starfield's DLC has dropped). That means that once the series went online the next single player entry will have taken almost 15 years to roll out. That's just sad. I get that devs don't want to work on the same IP forever but a better solution would be to have other developers create New Vegas like entries while we wait an almost an entire generation (human not console) for the next thing that we like.

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