Witcher 3 DLC Inspired by Netflix Show Arriving This Year

New The Witcher 3 DLC inspired by the live-action Netflix show is arriving for free on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox later in 2021.

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jznrpg73d ago

It cool they are giving this away but it’s obvious they are trying to buy back some goodwill after the Cyboerpunk disaster . I want the PS5 for Witcher 3 patch and I assume it’s coming with this dlc . Actually I want the Cyberpunk PS5 patch too as I’m waiting to play it until then and most likely after that when they implement the stuff that was suppose to be in there that they took out with day 1 PS4 patch . Like vendors , vertical map , stuff like that , and most importantly something that resembles decent AI. It has the bones of a good game from what I’ve seen it just needed another 1.5-2 years to get all the features working and make an AI system that worked for the vehicles , npcs and most importantly enemies/cops.

roadkillers73d ago

Haven't they been doing this before the whole Cyberpunk fiasco?

NeoGamer23273d ago

Ya, CDPR have been very generous with DLC always.

ElvisHuxley73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

Astro-turfed smear campaign, it's just absurd, haven't you guys obsessed about this enough already? I absolutely loved the game, they don't need to buy back any good will from me, I happily bought it for PC and PS5. Considering the game has sold 15 million copies in spite of quite literally an unprecedented attempt to destroy it, I think they'll be okay without your "good will". Maybe try playing the game on its own merits rather than some fiction you've built up in your head. Probably the most ambitious game I've ever played. It's not completely perfect in every regard, but neither was Witcher 3. But CDPR do something that almost no other developer does, especially 3rd party, they push the envelope. And yeah, it was probably a mistake to release it on last gen, but to crucify these brilliantly talented developers because they didn't reach some utopia of perfection just seems like a travesty.

ElvisHuxley73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

What do you think is going to happen from now on when a game that's not assassin's creed 72, or some mind numbing looter shooter gets pitched to publishers? They're gonna laugh, and say "After what they did to CDPR? Yeah...No."

neutralgamer199273d ago


Sure sure it was all fake rage that's why they had to issue refunds for digital and physical sales. Get delisted from the biggest home console platform. Don't allow early reviews, don't allow footage go be shown after certain point of game, not allowed to show any footage from consoles for reviews, lied about having gone through a lot play testing and game playing fine only to have that footage leaked and it showed they knew ahead of time of all the issues

Even on next generation high end PC's there was legit issues and some still are there. And you make it sound like getting next generation platform is such a easy thing to buy off the shelf when all the scalpers are asking double the price. And you're making it sound like a $500 PC could run this game just fine when you would need to spend minimum of 1200 to $1500 if not more just run this game

But sure it was all fake

justadelusion73d ago

'probably' a mistake.. LOLOLOL im done

shinoff218373d ago

I played it and beat it. I actually got all the trophies in it. It was an ok game at best. So much more couldve and shouldve been done with this game. I loved the atmosphere. It did disappoint though. Alot. So no need to be there white knight. Also mad crashes on ps4 I just played on anyway

Fallout has been buggy with every release and they get flak for it all the time. So these guys should get flak as well if not way more flak. They oversold this game and never shouldve released it in the state it was in. Period

myfathersbastard73d ago

I have my issues with cyberpunk. But your experience was not universal. I played PS4 version on my PS5 and it wasn’t playable. In my first 6 hours I had no less than a dozen full game crashes back to PS5 menu. At least half a dozen full system crashes requiring a full reboot. A dozen or so progression stopping bugs where I couldn’t continue a mission. And dozens and dozens of very immersion breaking bugs. The game needed another year or two in the cooker. The devs said it wouldn’t be ready till AT LEAST 2022 but the higher ups forced them into an early release date.
If you had a good experience playing it that’s great. But from what I can tell, the majority of people had a bad one.

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72d ago
-Foxtrot73d ago

I hope there’s more to it then just Netflix outfits

I always found the designs and outfits from the games we’re superior to the shows

Even the designs for Yennefer and Tris, they look too samey on the show. They don’t stand out from each other, not the best casting either.

SDuck73d ago

Totally. Only thing that can compete with the game's version is Cavill's Geralt and even so, his armor is too basic compared to even the starting armor of Witcher 3

slowgamer73d ago

The wording in that pic apart from the small netfilx typo gives me the vibes that is basically just that because it mentions items so it's armor set, superman costume for geralt =P or some small nonsense. It would have been cool to have some extra dungeons or quests in that new version but if rtx effects are well done and it has dlss I'd give it a try, there's been so many years I played it.

annoyedgamer73d ago

Now its going to import American SJW designs to Polish design...wonderful

Michiel198972d ago

the nilfgaardian armor in the show kind of looks like a shriveled up ballsack.

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CaptainHenry91673d ago

Cool this is still my favorite RPG. I'm more of a fan of third person RPGs instead of First person 🙃

JL293073d ago

They better be ready to drop a new Witcher, they make another Cyberpunk it will be strictly mobile games.

DaveZero73d ago

This is very cool indeed, now I ha e to get the Witcher 3 back on the download.

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