Final Fantasy XIV Returner Campaign Again Here for Returning Players

Play Final Fantasy XIV for free if you are eligible for the campaign.

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Tapani72d ago

Rejoined, but am completely lost with my lvl 32 lancer. I forgot the skills, but I'm starting to get the hang of it. Damn hotbars need to be rearranged again, and the whole hud etc. Looks nice at 4K60 maxed settings.

Sunny1234572d ago

I have the same problem whenever i jump back into FF14, learning the rotations, trying to remember all my hotbars, but once i get my groove back its soo much fun. I think i will get back to it by august to prep for the new expansion coming. My rdm, blm, pld and whm are maxed out, this time will start a new class, and probably do POD to learn rotations and max it out. Do remember on ps4 you can set 8 commands on pressing l2/r2 twice, so can have all moves in one hotbar.

Teflon0271d ago

I'm just going to start over lol. But my issue is I want to play on my PS because my friends are there. It's more convenient for me. But I have so much unlocked on PC lmao. Its painful. I heard you can get a SE account removed from your PSN only once but haven't been able to figure it out so I can connect my PC stuff

Sephiroushin71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

Cant at all; I tried and was told you have 1 week to unlink because it was a mistake or because it was in beta...i doubt the system lock them from unlink so they actually can unlink but refuse to unless those requirements are triggered, they lost me and a few friends... guess they think you will sell account or something.... Ah and sony support is even more retarded at least on SE ID matter!

Id suggest to make a new psn id account just for FF14 if you have many mogstation optional stuff or 1 time exclusive items not worth to lose all that just for some trophies on your main acc...

Greg280171d ago

You can unlink your account using this form

But the fastest way is this:

Make a new psn account just for ffxiv and link your pc account. Add your Friends that are playing ffxiv and you should be good to go.