Arrowhead Game Studios founder has just invested in the Swedish gaming company Mind Detonator

"The founders of Arrowhead Game Studios (the team behind one of the world's biggest international game successes with the game "Magicka") is now investing in the Swedish Gaming company Mind Detonator whose business concept is to capture talent at a very early stage and build the next generation of gaming developers far from the big cities." - Arrowhead Game Studios


Neil Druckmann says new Naughty Dog title ‘could redefine mainstream perceptions of gaming

The Last of Us director’s next project is “perhaps the most thrilling yet.

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H943m ago

When you start the game Neil will appear personally telling you about real world issues and call you all sort of names if you don't take action now and then you watch a whole movie and that's it

Crows9034m ago(Edited 32m ago)

Too much credit.

A good dev doesn't need to announce how good his game is...he just shows it.

You don't see Kojima glorifying his ideas like this and you don't see successful developers glorifying their "great" ideas before release.

It's going to be a shit show...reserve some popcorn.

Its a hard pill to swallow but the naughty dog we once had is long gone. Most don't realize it but eventually just like with bioware and blizzard...it'll be hard to ignore.

H931m ago

Neil just wants to be Kojima so bad, meanwhile Kojima is just like a child enjoying the world, saying whatever comes to his mind and having so much passion, man I don't even like his games that much but the man is just passion incarnate!

And the popcorn is always ready for Neil

notachance21m ago

Ever since Bruce Straley left it was like Neil lost his leash and went on full ego trip, not unlike Kojima tbh but at least with Kojima you can see how much he loved video games and how he truly want to push the boundaries. Neil felt like he’s just strutting around..

solideagle9m ago

please shut up and release a game, Naughty dog has not released a single title apart from Remaster on PS5...

garos820m ago

neil druckman is running on the glories of amy henig and bruce straley


Baldur's Gate 3 director refused to sacrifice quality even amid budget and time concerns

Larian was eventually forced to change up its development pipelines.

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shinoff218310h ago

Can't wait for my physical. I got in on the 2nd wave. Had an email a few weeks ago but I was figuring I wouldn't get the game till July August. Well worth that physical edition though.

bRuud831h ago

I am also waiting for the physical edition of the game. The game is on it's way to me so I expect it next week. Can't wait to finally start the game.


Hidetaka Miyazaki Wants To Work On His Debut Franchise After Elden Ring DLC

Hidetaka Miyazaki appeared in an interview to discuss the future of the Elden Ring DLC and FromSoftware's future plans.

Cacabunga5h ago

I hope Bluepoint are working on BB remake..
Sony now seem to have lost it with all the gaas, i have no hope in seeing them approaching FS to make a sequel. I hope gamers will push Sony and show continuous disapproval to the gaas model

Cacabunga5h ago

U probably right about the remake it is maybe too early. A performance mode would be more welcome at this point

fsfsxii3h ago

can we get new ideas instead of remakes? gamers are the most nostalgia driven on this earth istg

Chard3h ago

Look at how Bluepoint changed the art for demons souls. I wouldn’t want them doing that for Bloodborne

-Foxtrot4h ago

I don’t know how to feel, Armored Core just isn’t as good as Elden Ring, Dark Souls, Bloodborne and the like.

I hope he does a new IP instead

Nacho_Z3h ago

Fortunately, if you're not interested in the AC series, he doesn't say he plans to drop everything to work exclusively on the next one, as implied by the article header. Just general comments about it being an important series he wants to be involved with at some point.