Bjorn3d: Sapphire HD4870 Toxic Review

Bjorn3d writes: "With the standard ATi HD4870 being such a huge hit amongst high-end gaming enthusiasts, I've been really looking forward to reviewing Sapphire's Toxic version of the card for my first video card review for Bjorn3D. Even though the standard version has had great success, it wasn't without a few flaws of its own, the first being that it ran super hot and the second being that the fan was extremely loud."


+Great Performance
+Overclocking Ease
+DX 10.1
+Nice Bundle
+Ease of Install
+Crossfire Ready
+Good Cooling Solution
+Competitive With Competitors
+Quality Construction


-Exhausts Hot Air into Chassis
-No Game in Bundle
-ATI Overdrive Software Limits OC

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