Titanfall: Only 1-2 People Left to Work on Franchise, Everyone at Respawn Working on Apex Legends

It seems there are only 1-2 people at Respawn Entertainment left to work on Titanfall and its server issues, with everyone else working on Apex Legends.

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FlavorLav0169d ago

That’s unfortunate. Titanfall 2 was a badass game, a step in a great direction for EA, and the better IP in my opinion

Vegamyster69d ago

Damn shame they released it right in between Call of Duty and Battlefield, it’s an awesome game.

excaliburps69d ago

Yep. EA is to blame for that. If they released it earlier, or even a few months after, this game would have stood above the rest.

Rude-ro69d ago

The literal purpose of releasing when it did was to be in that spot…
Good or bad does not dictate the success just at launch.
The game even had a free demo of which A LOT of players downloaded to try it out AND it was $20 is month or two later.

So I do not think the launch window was the issue…
It was the first versions over night exclusive deal and shallow launch content that probably put the bad taste in a lot of consumers mouths.
Good? Yes.
But people need stop thinking the launch week is the only dictating factor of a game selling. That is just marketing pr spins.

Rachel_Alucard68d ago (Edited 68d ago )


Internally, the release date was not EA's choice it was 100% Respawn. They wanted to go head to head with Infinite warfare, but Dice or EA or had to delay BF1 at the time so it ended up a week prior. You could say that was EA's fault BF1 released when it did, but it more or less just an unfortunate circumstance instead of any sabotage attempt.

Vegamyster68d ago


That's pure assumption, there is no proof the exclusive deal or the first game which reviewed well by both critics and users affected the second games performance. You had Call of Duty which always sells good and one of the most hyped Battlefield games in recent memory coming out and they chose to try and compete with the two biggest juggernauts, it didn't work out. When Titanfall 2 came to Steam over a year ago, 4 years after its launch it was a massive hit, Steamspy has it the estimated sales at 2-5 million.

Kornholic68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

It was EAs plan all along to make Titanfall 2 fail by releasing it between Call of Duty and Battlefield, so that EA could devalue the franchise in order to buy Respawn at a cheaper price. Which they did a year later after TF2 launch.

I loved Titanfall and Titanfall 2 and I recently started playing Titanfall 2 again. Such an amazing game with fluid movement and intuitive controls.

Rude-ro68d ago (Edited 68d ago )


You are pulling hairs.

The entire purpose of titanfall was to crack into the cod players.
Did this approach fail? Yes.
Why? Because of reasons other than the two games releasing.
You can not prove to me as well that although having a highly downloaded demo before the launch of both of those games.. that those games caused the issue of a low release sales result.
People bit and downloaded the demo..
The demo had an effect.

Then 100% you HAVE to factor in the shady aspect of the first game.
Of which also had its issues with players due to Xbox’s poor sales. So reports of said low player numbers would have a negative effect as well.

But the issue is those that turn the blame to ea for its release date is laughable when that was the entire point of its release window.

You can call it the perfect storm of really bad ideas across the board with said franchise.

But to say it was ONLY the release window when the game still had issues selling at $19.99 during the slower periods of the year is being rather blind and narrow minded.

Vegamyster68d ago


"But to say it was ONLY the release window when the game still had issues selling at $19.99 during the slower periods of the year is being rather blind and narrow minded."

I didn't say it was the only reason but i believe it definitely played the biggest factor, that time of year is always jam packed with games and there is several series you shouldn't try and compete with. That's why you'll see some developers announce release dates after those series release dates are confirmed or they'll push/delay games forward/back, heck even 343 implied they're just waiting to announce the Halo release date for that very reason.

So not only did they release Titanfall 2 one week after Battlefield 1 which is a terrible idea right off the start, but there was also Gear of War 4, Final Fantasy 15, Skyrim Special edition,all the sports games and other 3rd party games like Watchdogs ect. For comparison the first game released in March and Zampella announced a year later it sold 10 million copies while the 2nd game sold around 4 million in three months then stopped reporting sales,

I just said when Titanfall 2 came to a new platform (steam) it sold 2-5 million and it was around that price range despite being 4 years old, only a handful of games continue to sell well past that initial launch window so i don't see how it's relevant that it didn't do well months after any hype/marketing was gone. You also have to factor in the holiday season when parents ect go out and buy games and consoles, they usually are only going to pick up one or two games on average.

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brewin69d ago

It definitely is one of the best new IP from EA or any publisher for that matter in the last decade or so. It's a shame they did release it the way they did put it out to die. Titanfall 1 caught some flack for being online only and exclusive to Xbox One. But it was pretty sweet and then Titanfall 2 was absolutely amazing! Probably the best FPS campaign of last generation. Multiplayer's always been good but that single player campaign absolutely nailed it.

SeTTriP68d ago

This would've been a perfect fit for xbox and its target audience.

Nikodemsky69d ago

This is bad, like really bad... current issues can't be fixed with two people, that probably can't even put a finger on the problem itself.

Nitrowolf269d ago

Yep, like I get that they moved on and all but in that case why bother just having two guys on it to begin with? That’s not gonna really solve much given the game was developed with a whole studio

excaliburps69d ago

Yep. I think those playing Titanfall are annoyed at this. Like, maybe divert resources and fix the game, and then just dump everyone back to Apex? Not a dev so I don't know if it's that simple. But imagine not being able to play the game still?

Darkborn69d ago

Sounds so much like epic with fortnite. They had paragon, an unannounced game and the fortnite save the world being worked on and probably more and that all got canceled as soon as they found out battle Royale printed money.

Lightning7769d ago

Respawn needs to focus on their craft and thats make engaging FPS games.

Myst-Vearn69d ago

Apex made almost 1 billion dollars in revenue. of course all their resources go toward it..if gamers didn't play Apex day after day and spending money on silly things like color for their weapons...we wouldn't be in this situation.

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