5 Characters That Could Be the Last Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighter

KeenGamer: "With one more slot left to go, which character could potentially join the fray and throw down in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? Kazuya Mishima has recently joined the diverse and robust cast of characters in the Smash Bros. franchise. We have five potential fighters that could take that final slot."

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Dirty_Lemons74d ago

Rayman, Crash, Spyro or Abe would all be just wonderful. Unsure if would even be possible to gain the licensing, but hey - they did it for Snake years ago!

Inverno74d ago

Catastrophic meltdown if they add a fortnite character

mynameisBlade74d ago

In all honesty, the only character it SHOULD be is a 3rd party. No 1st party to end this game off please.... They have ended with duds way too many times before.. Give us something exceptional like one of these: Crash, Sora, Eggman, Doom Slayer, Scorpion, or even Agumon

Teflon0274d ago

Funny, to me I think them adding too many 3rd Party characters Ruined the Smash Bros Charm. But then again Fire emblem being 10% of the roster is part of the issue too and knowing Nintendo they'd add their 40th FE character, so maybe that's the safer route

Acecalibur74d ago

Prepare for disappointment

EFFIN_Adduce74d ago

Article says that crash was in PlayStation all stars battle royale but he definitely wasn't

ZeekQuattro73d ago

That game didnt even have normal Dante let alone Crash. Lmao

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