Bjorn3d: XFX 9800GTX+ Black Edition Review

Bjorn3d writes: "A lot of enthusiasts set aback by the high cost of the current generation of GPU's are looking for GPU's that will still provide good FPS in demanding games, but are a little more pocket friendly. That usually means the last generation of GPU's which still provide plenty of punch, just not in the pocket. We're reviewing a single XFX 9800GTX+ Black Edition, but with the scaling improving on SLI a couple of these beauties on a 775 or 1366 socket board would yield pretty sweet results."


+ Runs cool
+ Able To Run SLI With GeForce 9800 GTX
+ Good Price Point Performance Ratio
+ Good Bundle
+ Decent Overclocking Result
+ Double Lifetime Warranty


- May be too large for some cases/systems
- Availability
- Newer GPU's Perform Better (if you don't mind paying more)

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