Top Ten hottest 360 games for 2009

Gameplayer Writes:
Even though it's still early December, Christmas is pretty much over for gamers like us. Prince of Persia marked the very last big release of the year, and it's passing onto store shelves essentially means two things: first, we have a ridiculous stash of AAA games to play through, and secondly we have to make frantic junkie plans to look forward in time and prepare our next fix.

Presented here, for your own personal edification are ten of the hottest games that we plan to play in the new year…

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zypher3602d ago

Alan Wake's just an honorable mention? man, that was my most awaited exclusive for the 360 next year. all that money Microsoft used to buy multiplatforms and third-party exclusives could've easily gone into funding development of internal stuff. PS3's '09 exclusives completely overshadow everything on this list. hopefully Microsoft has a few aces up its sleeve.

SlappingOysters3602d ago

I have not seen nearly enough on this game to make it a bleep on my radar!

chaosatom3602d ago

They rather Steal Exclusives. It's Easier and Makes Ps3 fans angry.

Danja3602d ago

funny enough 90% of the games on that list will also be on the PS3..

RememberThe3573602d ago

And the only game I'm really interested in that they mentions is Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena but thats multi-plat, so...

ButterToast3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

ya i was really surprised about Alen Wake too. halo wars might be interesting though too, I'd like to try it wonder if it will be on PC?

Anyway ps3 2009 looks way better
Killzone 2
Uncharted 2

and hopefully
God of War 3
Heavy Rain

It easily beats the 360 list for me. maybe one of the 5 RPGs sony is working on will drop in 09' as well, though i don't think they will start hitting until at least 2010.

Mr_Bun3602d ago

The headline should read "Top Ten Multiplat Games for 2009" (with exception to Halo)

callahan093602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )


Which one's AREN'T coming to PS3?

I counted 3. Halo Wars and Halo ODST and Race PRO

That makes it 7 out of 10 that are.
70% are multiplatform.

Just sayin'.

prowiew3601d ago

They missed star ocean. Thats the 2009 game for me. Maybe splinter cell conviction. That game better realease on 2009 or is doom. What else?. Don't know. I only imagine Microsoft have some games under their sleeves, cause I cant think of any game by them 2009.

FOXDIE3601d ago

im a bit disappointed that only 3-5 exclusives were even mentioned. But non the less, a really good multi-plat list!

MiloGarret3601d ago

Mass Effect 2, it WILL come out 09.

Rhoic3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

These are games that have been pushed back or have had the exception of being mentioned early.. Microsoft usually keeps their titles a secret until the year they release. As you already know they did it for 2008 with the whole "360 has no games for 2008."

Alan Wake
Forza Motorsport 3
Halo 3: Recon
Halo Wars
Mass Effect 2
Ninja Blade
Ninety-Nine Nights 2
Project Offset
Splinter Cell: ConViction
Star Ocean 4
The Crossing
Velvet Assassin

I think the 360 has a lot more games to show off for '09, and they're keeping it under wraps. (Lol with the list and whatnot)

Beast_Master3601d ago

It doesn't matter what they have under wraps, anyone with half a brain can tell you what they don't have in 09 is Gears 3 or Halo 4, which is their bread and butter. And the consolation prize of Bio-Shock 2 and Mass Effect 2 have lost their exclusivity. Well Bio-shock 2 will definutly be multi-plat bc the teaser trailer was on the PS3 version. Bio Ware was aquired by EA in January which means you can count on ME2 being multi-plat as well. Not to say those will not be 2 great titles to buy in 09 just not exclusives.

jammy_703601d ago

killzone 2 beats that whole list, well the 360 exclusives, which there werent many there
it aint bad, but ps3 exclusives nxt year just beat this hands down

IcarusOne3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

So rabid fans will finally shut the F up. I agree it's going to be beautiful, and I'm excited to finally have a cool game to play on my PS3, but everyone that's expecting the 2nd Coming from this game better get ready to be disappointed. As Sony fans are fond of pointing out with Gears - pretty graphics do not an amazing game make. This game will not be Audrey Hepburn; it best it'll be Jessica Simpson.

Rhoic3601d ago

Why do they need a Halo 4? They have 2 halo games coming out in 2009. You're a moron for thinking that they don't have anything for 2009. Remember in '07? "The 360 has no games!" or '08? "This is the year of the PS3. The 360 will fall!" *sigh*

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McPerson3602d ago

I'm keen for Mr Wake too. But are they actually releasing it in 2009?

- From Wikipedia: When asked about a release date, Remedy representatives responded, "When it's done."

They're taking their sweet arsed time with it...

SuperM3602d ago

Which is a good thing. Releasing a game before its finished is nothing but a waste of time and money. Its better with a few excellent games then a ton of decent games.

NipGrip3601d ago

Out right after Duke Nukem Forever..

Also, why is there so much hype for this game? Are we starving so much for goodness that the minimal amount that we know about the game makes our mouths salivate? There's hardly been anything announced or shown I thought?

really randumb3602d ago

good list but its odd how only 3 out of the 10 games are exclusive

SlappingOysters3602d ago

I noticed that too. Although I must admit the multi-format games they listed are pretty bloody awesome, so why would they not be in the list.

Are there even 10 exclusives coming out next year for the X360 that are worth anticipating?

Irving3602d ago

"good list but its odd how only 3 out of the 10 games are exclusive"
And two of them start with Halo ;) 360 still has bunch of exclusive DLC content to look forward to, like GTA4 and Fallout 3.

Lombax3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Look away...

mrdxpr23602d ago

yeah about 6 of those games are multiplat that i know of.... so there lineup rightn now is not all that and two exclusives happen to yes ladys and gents halo games they are jucing that series to the limit ....ps3s 09 lineup just 3 games on ps3 09 lineup destroy that list alone one of the games can just destroy it...while sonny is spending money on good ip ms is waisting on DLC and third party stuff... well ms u are not inovation the only inovative thing ms has done is the rrod

Halochampian3602d ago

Now I know people wont agree but multiplats are nice.. very nice. Exclusives dont always guarantee success. Being able to be cheap and offer the same is always a good way to go

And what is this innovation that I keep hearing that Sony has? Please explain that.

lokiroo4203602d ago

Uh killzone god of war, gt 5, uncharted 2, need some more?

N4Flamers3602d ago

its funny how this is a list of 360 games and you have all these sony trolls on here complaining, as if they mentioned the ps3. I thought people only read the tittles on this site so it amazes me when they couldnt comprehend that it was just 360 games not exclusive games. I think they missed a few I am looking forward to, like rise of the argonaughts, and hopefully ffXIII, oh and darksiders that game looks sick, what about RE 5, freaking splintercell. There are plenty of games comming out.

none of those games you mention are innovative, they were all done before and will be done again.
killzone 1 or 2 shooter, I've never seen one of those.
God of war, action game button masher, havent been playing these since final fight
GT5, there is a 5 in the tittle first racing game I've ever heard of I know.
Uncharted 2, a revolutionary sequel, or another tombraider romp through err tombs.

The biggest innovative game that i cant believe you didnt mention is LBP. Oh man people games arent innovative anymore they improve upon ideas that are all ready in place, I dont think there is anything wrong with that.

Lombax3601d ago

How's Heavy Rain for you?

and Uncharted is more Indiana Jones than Tomb Raider.

Halochampian3601d ago

I agree. I like when people show a list of games with numbers behind it. And talking about innovation from Sony... Sony didnt make the games.


It's still like Tomb Raider.It fits with the same genre.

N4Flamers3601d ago

indiana jones was tomb raider, except he was raiding err tombs, nm.

oh yeah heavy rain, please explain to me what the hell you know about heavy rain, the graphics are good. You know absolutely nothing about it everything Ive read about the game tells me that everything Ive seen wont be in the game. Just as silly as that stupid arkham asylum trailer where they dont even show people just furniture and environments, that doesnt tell me about the game. It could suck ass could be great.

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SlappingOysters3602d ago

the Xbox 360 looks a little short on exclusives next year. Someone might as well come out and say it.

With no XO8 event, I wonder if we just haven't heard about a bunch of new stuff yet? Wasn't there a quote recently from Rare saying they were working on new Killer Instinct, Conker and more?

DNAgent3602d ago

I'm sure Rare is looking forward to ruining more of their classic franchises in the future on the 360.

Kleptic3601d ago

yeah...360 fanatic or not, 2 halo spin-offs and some once PC racing game are the only announced exclusives right now...7 out of 10 games on that list release day and date with the PS3 version (and every single one of the honorable mentions, save Alan Wake)...that is definitely disappointing I would imagine...

but Alan Wake at least should release in 2009...i'll never underestimate Max Payne 1 and 2 were both ridiculously awesome...but Remedy so far usually focuses entirely on PC, and each engine they come up with is usually a beast...not saying the 360 version could fall short...but a number of 360 nutballs claim Alan Wake to be MS's answer to Killzone 2 (read: marginally humerous as nothing new has been shown for years)...will be interesting to see how that plays out...the fact that there is a PC version too makes it less likely that the 360 will be pushed to its absolute limits...and will probably get some sort of port of the definitive least, that is what Remedy normally does...maybe not this time, though...

whatever though...Gears 2 wasn't even announced until Feb. last MS still has some exclusives in there some where...the big question though is A) are they all UE3?...and B) could they all be the crazy new casual stuff MS is pursuing now?...