The Agency Exclusive - An Advancement Q&A with Matt Staroscik - Ten Ton Hammer

Ten Ton Hammer writes: "Sex, guns, fast action, undercover shenanigans, explosions, beautiful women, hot cars, ripped men and more sex. Although that list may seem like an amateur reviewer's one line synopsis of the latest James Bond movie, Quantum of Solace, but it's actually a fairly accurate description of Sony Online Entertainment's upcoming massive multiplayer online game, The Agency.

For those of you that haven't been following the progress of The Agency - or haven't even heard of the game - this upcoming MMOG takes a step away from the typical MMOG experience and delves into the FPS genre, relying on player skill more than any other MMOG title currently on the market. However, it's been a relatively long time since The Agency developers talked with Ten Ton Hammer, so we sat down with Matt Staroscik, Game Designer & Lead Writer at SOE Seattle, and talked with him about a number of elements that haven't been extensively discussed in The Agency."

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this game is going to be awesome!!!!!