Lorne Lanning Says Latest Oddworld Soulstorm Patch Is "One That We Are Proud Of"

Oddworld Soulstorm's creator has revealed the game is now in a place where the team is incredibly proud of their creation.

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galgor76d ago

Anyone else remember a time when games were actually finished on release??

NecrumOddBoy76d ago

Yes, every Oddworld game on PS1. Perfect. This... this is just not good at all.

CobraKai75d ago

Yeah. Until the PS360, devs put all their effort into making the initial release a complete package. They had no choice but to make their games run as best as possible. Extra content was unlocked through play. On the flip side tho, there were also a multitude of games that were half finished garbage. Games that couldn’t get patched. I guess in that way, patching is both a blessing and a curse. Games that need fine tuning can get patched but then there’s devs that rely on patches as a crutch to release Cyberpunk, I mean unfinished games.

75d ago
Eonjay75d ago

Thinks about Cyberpunk and what it would be like if it wasn't able to be patched.

CobraKai75d ago

I think it either would’ve been as it was, or delayed until it’s the playable state it’s in now. I think about No Mans Sky too. It’s a completely different game from its launch. Or how we wouldn’t have gotten refinement patches for Miles Morales or Rift Apart.

CrimsonWing6975d ago

Same time we actually got a variety of unique IPs and not GaaS games, DLC, or micro transactions. Long gone are those golden days of gaming.

75d ago
garos8275d ago

game breaking bugs prevented me from enjoying this game. it got deleted to make space for something else to play and i dont see myself unfortunately returning to it

KingofBandits74d ago

Shame they didn't delay the physical release to include this patch. So at least one version would be complete in that regard