Bjorn3d: Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P Review

Bjorn3d writes: "While the computing world is getting quite excited with the release of the Core i7, the truth is that it is not something that average users cannot afford at the moment. The processor is not too bad as you can buy the cheapest one at around $300, but the motherboards and DDR3 memory still are expensive. As we have seen that currently, the performance gain for the Core i7 probably will only be noticeable if you are a hardcore gamer and really need that extra 20% gain over the similarly clockspeed Core 2 Quad processors. Thus, it is still not a bad idea to buy a cheaper motherboard with Core 2 Quad processor, especially if you stick with DDR2 RAM."


+ Excellent motherboard layout
+ Runs cool and low power consumption
+ Solidly built
+ Ample of tweaks for overclockers
+ Dolby audio
+ Performs well
+ Price
+ Quiet operation-Silent heatpipe


- CrossFire at 2x8 configuration (not really Gigabyte's fault)
- Overclocking can be limited with older processors or budget memory

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