Metal Gear Online is back, thanks to custom servers

We’ve seen custom servers bring loads of online PC games back from the dead, and emulation has provided a way for plenty of old console games to live on modern hardware. You probably see where this is going. Yes, a group of enterprising fans have put together custom servers to bring back the PlayStation 3’s take on Metal Gear Online, commonly known as Metal Gear Online 2.

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Dabigsiebowski576d ago

I play MGO 1 still on my Original PS2 still... Online of course

franwex576d ago

I had no idea we could still play this!

aaronaton576d ago (Edited 576d ago )

I play this and I would just say the skill gap is as large as ever. Headshots are key, and most players seems to be able to quickscope anyone from anywhere. This was always a thing on PS3 but it's even more pronounced due to higher frames rates on the rpcs3.

It's the toughest online shooter I've played in a long long time.