Bjorn3d: EVGA GTX-280 SLI Review

Bjorn3d writes: "We've spent several weeks with the EVGA GTX-280's we received some time ago. They've been productive weeks, full of testing, playing, and living with the EVGA GTX-280 in single card and SLI configuration and while we still have a lot of testing to do, we decided to go ahead with a Single card and SLI review. We're saving the Triple SLI review for a week or two and then we'll break it out with some of the hottest titles of the season in what's sure to be an SLI vs. Crossfire extravaganza of epic proportions."


+ Runs cooler than ATI GPU's
+ SLI Is Scaling Better Than CrossFire
+ Quiet
+ Blazing FPS That Will Make Your Jaw Drop
+ Single GPU Performance Will Make You Smile
+ Two GTX-280's In SLI Will Make You So Happy You Might Run Down The Street And Slap Someone
+ The Fastest Single Core GPU Made


- Price Is A Little Hefty
- Box Doesn't Include Cheese For PhysX Whiners

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