Sony Pulls Ad Featuring Upside-Down PS5

More proof that some people find the PS5's orientation confusing.

Sony posted an ad on Twitter this morning showing a dad capping off his day by playing some God of War. Typical fare, as far as these things go, except that the video also featured an upside-down PlayStation 5. Gasp! After fans pointed this out, the tweet got deleted with no explanation for its removal.

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TheEroica79d ago

At least no one is trying to cook a chicken panini under the grill hood! Just being upside down is an improvement Sony! Lol.

JustTheFax80d ago

Honestly, that's how it should be anyway. That drive placement seems like such an afterthought.

Iceball200080d ago

I think because in Sonys eyes it’s meant to be standing up.

JustTheFax80d ago

Yeah I have mine standing up but it seems weird that you put the disc in backwards

BLAKHOODe80d ago

I have cats. No chance I'm standing mine up and if I did it wouldn't be standing long.

Seraphim80d ago

I've never stood up a console in my life but after fidgeting with that stupid stand and trying to get it into my entertainment cabinet I said F it and placed it next to my tv on top the cabinet; after fidgeting with the stupid again trying to get the screw I decided to not even use it. Part of my problem was my cabinet has slots for venting in the two shelves and back panel; though I also kept the door open when gaming.

It really does feel like the PS5 was made to stand at attention though & it was an afterthought just how badly that drive was placed in a horizontal setup; imo. Even standing up it's tough to grab the discs ring from the top. Though I guess some prefer to just finger fudge the disc anyway. Or perhaps that's the problem. The one person testing this design was a weirdo who grabs discs from underneath instead of on top or just finger fudges the disc lol.

ScootaKuH80d ago


Huh? You don't put the disc in backwards at all.

Neonridr79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

@Seraphim - this was my first console I stood up. the curves on this console makes it look weird on it's side, plus it's quite large. Standing up next to my TV it looks more natural.

@ScootaKuH - guess it depends on what is rightside up or down when it's sideways

JackBNimble79d ago

And for only $$99.99 I'll sell you a vertical stand with fans and a cooling station .

Of course these are Canadian prices so for you Americans it's only $75 usd.

VariantAEC77d ago

Lots of cats plenty of standing electronics including to PS units.
Zero problems.
Train your pets.

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Abnor_Mal80d ago

I wish I had a PS5 that I could sit upside down, I'd even settle for one that I could sit right side up.

Sonyslave380d ago

Not going to lie, i had to google which way to set up my ps5 and to even use the stand.

Sniperwithacause80d ago

Why couldn't you have just read the manual that came with the system?

Profchaos80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

Or looked at a picture i.did have a lot of problems with the stand as my base scree into the ps5 was sealed by some plastic took a bit to figure out the removal

MastaMold80d ago

Bro the back of the PS5 box shows it on its side orientation

sourOG80d ago

Why should you need to look at a manual or a box? Its not furniture. It’s just a weird design. Mine is standing upright so I never had to guess. But I did guess on which way to put the disc in. You would naturally assume the disc read part is in the fat of the ps5. Horizontally I could see how putting a disc in upside down would f*** you up mentally lol.

NeoGamer23279d ago

I have mine standing up.... Problem Solved...

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