Lens of Truth: RE5 Demo – First 10 minutes – 720p

Lens of Truth writes, "The Resident Evil 5 demo was released December 5th on the Japanese Xbox Live Marketplace. Even though all dialogue and menus are in English, this demo isn't available for anyone outside of Japan. Lens of Truth didn't let that stop us and we got to play the demo for ourselves, and there is a way for you to play the demo as well. The demo is so good we couldn't stop at the First10 minutes. So here are two First10's for your viewing pleasure."

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big shadow3604d ago

Has anyone tried this? If so did it work.

Breakfast3604d ago

I heard something about it being region locked i dont know if it still works.

But it worked for me yesterday.

buy a ps33604d ago (Edited 3604d ago )

the menus are weird/cool I like em

rareairtone3603d ago

I got it back on saturday and i love the game already. today i had problems playing it, but i think that is because capcom has worked with microsoft to keep it from being played while on xbox live. I signed out of xbox live and I was able to play it again. my source of the files has taken them off the internet. sorry :( I haven't means to share

ElementX3604d ago

LOL "the lens of truth" what kind of name is that? Someone left their thinking cap at home...

jaidek3604d ago

Actually it is quite clever. The "Lens of Truth" in Zelda lore allowed Link to see things that wasn't visible to the eye. And for a site that mainly does comparisons of cross platform games it seems fitting.

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The story is too old to be commented.