Assassin’s Creed Infinity’s Live Service Is Exactly What The Series Needs

Infinity will be a joint production between Ubisoft Montreal and Ubisoft Quebec

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Jin_Sakai694d ago

“Assassin’s Creed Infinity’s Live Service Is Exactly What The Series Needs“

Paid for you by Ubisoft.

annoyedgamer693d ago

Between this and the Dead Space/Dragon Age "stories" that are trucking out, it is clear that the EA and Ubisoft are using paid promotions as a way to maintain visibility.

isarai694d ago

I don't even care anymore, haven't enjoyed an AC game since 4 anyways. It's not even AC anymore

Eviltattoo 694d ago

Correct. It's better. I didn't enjoy the original style of AC. Now I do.

Locutus_of_borg693d ago

Yup... Bayek was a bad ass in Origins

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Seraphim693d ago

Odyssey was it for me. That game was such a bore and chore mid-late game. And I imagine if I'd played Valhalla it would have presented the same issues. Not to mention they've removed the Assassin part out of the game. Had they continued more along the lines of Origin and the quality of I'd have kept my interest despite the changes to an RPG system.

I certainly have zero interest in a live service. Not a single game to date has been able to provide enough content in a timely manner. Bungie has managed to garner a sizeable base but even their content is lacking in depth; imo. They've instead turned to artificial grinds and other methods to pad play time & to try keeping gamers logged in year round. But hey, Ubi sees how little effort and work can be put into a game making it extremely profitable to take a shot doing this.

sourOG693d ago

I felt the same way about odyssey and origins but Valhalla is much better once you get passed the boring beginning parts. It’s still too large and the 10k collectibles are obnoxious but the AC parts are fun.

brewin693d ago (Edited 693d ago )

Wayyyy off. They added a lot of the OG AC elements back into Valhalla. Its a good blend of both styles, and with separate difficulty modifiers for combat, stealth, and exploration, you can really fine tune the game exactly to your liking. It is a much different game than Origins and Odyssey. You are missing out on a fantastic game by not giving it a chance. Its pretty bombass on ps5/series x. Stunningly gorgeous game all around.

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dsammy04694d ago

Valhalla was toooooooo friggin long I was 45 hours in and I wasn’t even doing all the side missions and I was like man this is repetitive. I looked up how long it took someone to beat it and they said 85-90hours I turned the game off and never went back. I think I’ll pass on AC for a while. Give me a solid game with 20-30hours of gameplay.

slowgamer693d ago

I liked odyssey quite a lot even though it occasionally felt overwhelmingly huge and it was but at least I liked it. So I had high hopes for Valhalla and in the beginning I thought it was good but after 20 hours or so I felt like it did everything worse than odyssey like side quests were bad, going to burn monasteries and trying to find those last chests were boring. I mean how can you make burning churches boring. =D Basecamp building was barebones not really any customization. Well, like said everything felt worse and Valhalla sold better it's almost sad.

annoyedgamer693d ago

"Valhalla sold better"

Expect more of it.

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sourOG693d ago

I agree. There is a lot of good in Valhalla but the meat of it could be boiled down easily and it would be much better for it. I thought they figured that out with immortals. Great story, pacing and there are collectibles but it’s not nearly as obnoxious. 20-30 hours and you 100% done. That’s the direction AC needs to go, more condensed and focused. Online is the complete 180. But remember they market to the youth and that’s what the youth plays. If you are 30 plus then nobody is making an ad for you. At that point you know what beer you like, etc and are unlikely to change.

Mithan693d ago

I put 115 hours into Valhalla. I enjoyed it a lot, but the series does miss that AC Flavor that you felt from AC1 to AC3.

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