Silent Hill Concept 'Leak' Denied by Bloober Team

Bloober Team has told IGN that recent speculation about a leak of an alleged Silent Hill game's concept is incorrect.

Thundercat77696d ago

I see the name Silent Hill and Bloober together and it saddens me 😔.

Is Silent Hill really this cursed?

Bobertt696d ago

Lets just hope the other team working on Silent Hills is better or Kojima makes his own version with a different name.

Knightofelemia696d ago (Edited 696d ago )

Kojima making a horror game would be neat to see

CaptainHenry916696d ago

I believe Kojima is working on his own game and it doesn't have nothing to do with Silent Hill

Rambokind696d ago

I'm not sure why you're so pessimistic. Their development capabilities improved with each game. You may hate The Medium, but it does show what they can do given a proper budget and resources. If it does come to fruition, everyone will be pleasantly surprised.

MadLad696d ago (Edited 696d ago )

People around here are typically pretty harsh on Bloober, but I'm pretty sure a lot of it is because it was a timed exclusive on MS platforms. We know the ecosystem around here.
It wasn't game of the year material, but it was solid experience, and the overall reviews say as much.
But I think layers of fear and observer show that they can handle psychological, unnerving tone well.
They've never had a breakout hit, and the reviews for their catalogue are pretty consistently "good, but not amazing"; but they're also a still a medium, at best, sized dev team that self-published and always tried punching above their weight.

With solid financial backing behind them, which I hope they're getting, this may be that breakout for them.
If so, they may end up being the new team for the series.
I'd rather be optimistic and see them succeed, rather than expect them to fail.

I'm just happy to see more Silent Hill.

jznrpg696d ago (Edited 696d ago )

It’s because their games are average at best and a big title that many have waited a long time for goes to an at best average developer . MS or not I don’t buy their games to play them just for my collection of niche games . They mainly make below average to average horror games with no combat and that’s not what people want with Silent Hill . They have never shown they can make a great game with combat let alone a great game without combat . An average game they can make but that’s not going to make people happy , and who knows how they will do with combat .

P_Bomb696d ago

Someone’s gotta do something. I’ve beaten both Layers + DLC, Blair Witch, will get through Medium eventually. You could pick worse devs honestly. This could be their big budget break.

gleepot695d ago

Silent Hill has been bad since 4. Why do people want another one?

Knightofelemia696d ago

Anybody can make SH concept art until Konami green lights it, announces it, and puts it on store shelves I don't believe it until I play the new SH game.