EA's DICE LA is Changing Its Name to Ripple Effect Studios And Developing An Unannounced Game

EA announced that DICE LA is changing its name to Ripple Effect Studios as it embarks on an "aggressive path" to grow and develop its own unannounced game once it finishes its work on Battlefield 2042.

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Infenes80d ago

Haven’t they changed their name like, twice before?

CaptainHenry91680d ago

Yup and it's not going to make a difference if they keep changing their name LMAO

Inverno79d ago

I believe they were Danger Close and they haven't exactly made anything really worth playing since their Medal of Honour games a decade ago.

swifty178d ago

I don’t know why but I REALLY enjoyed those games. I remember playing the beta (I think) for Warfighter. In this war torn middle eastern city style map with two levels and TONS of ways to move around the map, so many paths! I was blown away by it…at the time. Still one of my favourite games ever, sorry I’ll get down booted but that’s ok. I even loved the campaign. I think you played as a dude with a giant beard,.. ah good times

porkChop78d ago

They were EA Los Angeles, then Danger Close, then DICE LA, and now Ripple Effect. It's like they change their name every time they work on a new project.

TheRealTedCruz79d ago

I was the odd one who legitimately enjoyed Warfighter.
I thought the way they handled teams, and the way it actually benefited you by sticking together, was pretty neat.

I know it's a hated title, but I really enjoyed it.

annoyedgamer78d ago

The game was just forced to release in an unfinished state. Typical EA. Danger Close had talent. Same goes for all the studios EA acquired and looted.