The 5 Worst PSP Games

Over the last week, Handheld News has been gathering information to find out the 5 worst PSP games ever. After 54 nominations, we shortlisted 20 games which were all entered into a vote, where users voted for the worst. Results as followed...

Go! Suduko (23%)
Sims 2 (11%)
Pinball (10%)
Gangs of London (10%)
King Kong (9%)[*]Eragon (6%)
Me and My Katamari (6%)
Need For Speed Most Wanted (4%)
Ape Academy (4%)
Street fight Alpha 3 Max (3%)
Dead to Rights (3%)
Untold Legends (3%)
World series of poker (1%)
MYST (1%)
Miami Vice (1%)[/I]
Coded Arms (1%)
Mercury (1%)
Namco Museum (0%)
Marvel Nemesis (0%)

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Blu-Print4897d ago

It's sad that most of the games for the PSP are ports from other consoles. It's not creating a name for itself like the DS, but relying on PS2's leftovers.

handheldnews4897d ago

Thats the difference between PSP & DS. The DS has alot more 'unique' games, whereas the PSP has mainly games from ps2 leftovers like you said.

ArchChef4896d ago

I really liked "Me and My Katamari"

Odiah4896d ago

Is lacking for coice. It is an unworthy sucessor to the Gameboy. Perhaps I was just expecting too much.

MySwordIsHeavenly4896d ago

I think handhelds lack a lot of things these days. Both systems have terrible start-up times...and they both only have a handful of good games.

PSP - MGSPO, LocoRoco, GTAVCS & LCS, Daxter, Syphon Filter, Tekken: DR, Killzone: Liberation, Rainbow Six: Vegas, Ultimate Ghosts 'n Goblins, and Ace Combat X

DS - Yoshi's Island, New Super Mario Bros., Elite Beat Agents (Gitaroo Man Rip-off, but still good), Hotel Dusk: Room 215, Kirby: Squeak Squad, Mario Kart, Diddy Kong Racing, FFIII, Super Mario 64, Trauma Center, and Metroid Prime: Hunters

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