Final Fantasy vs. Dragon Quest: Which Legendary JRPG Is Right for You?

Square Enix's iconic JRPGs, Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, are quite different, and they'll appeal to different gamers for various reasons.

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-Hermit-102d ago

Always been more a Dragon Quest fan personally. DQVIII is still probably my all time favourite JRPG.

Lexreborn2102d ago

I’m more of a Final Fantasy guy, I like how all of the FF games do something new and different with the gameplay.

I feel like dragon quest is to safe and familiar in gameplay. But, I can still fully play them so that’s not really an issue

jznrpg102d ago

Why downvote ? Lol I like both of them . Final Fantasy had a couple less than stellar games but overall I really enjoyed 1-12 tactics crystal chronicles co op with my son and even the very hard to find your way gameboy games , that desert still haunts me . DQ has had less controversy overall and I like every main game made but FF also has some great games . XIII wasn’t bad just not very good for a FF but it was well made and 15 was good not great (could have been with better development cycle) but I love the rest of them from 1-12 and 14 is awesome too . DQ is a great series and I love it just as much so I can’t pick really . FF has had controversy but DQ also had smaller games on handheld and some not so great spin-offs but they each have some awesome games that I’ll never forget playing . Why do I have to pick one? I love RPGs in general especially JRPGS since I was very young playing DQ1 also known as Dragon Warrior and FF1 back on NES . I’ve been hooked since those games and Faxanadu and the rest of the early RPGs on NES and I’ve played so many since then . I can’t pick because I’ve grown up with both of the franchises and both have had ups and downs but I don’t care I still love them they started my love for RPGs . I don’t care who downvotes me but I can honestly say I love both and I’m sure many people do and some can’t pick one over the other and don’t understand why you would be downvoted for liking both equally . Now if you picked specific games maybe I could pick but as franchises overall it’s hard for me to try and choose so I don’t I just pick both .

CrimsonWing69102d ago

Final Fantasy all the way for me.