High-Capacity Blu-ray Discs Entice Game Developers

The technology features 16 separate layers on a single-side Blu-ray disc with 25 GB storage capacity on each layer, which totals 400 GB. Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima must be giddy about the prospects, seeing as how he loves lengthy cutscenes and the highest definition assets possible.

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mrdxpr23604d ago

wow devs that have a passion for making a masterpiece (hideo kojima) will love this for sure they will try there best to fill it up with out compresing and doing all the works they dont do it now... with that they can put a game make a movie and stil have space fof extras

mpmaley3604d ago

MGS5 confirmed for PS3

lokiroo4203604d ago

Not only is this like the fifth time this article has been posted, it has nothing in it about any developers saying anything, lame comes to mind. How about enough with it already.

Rockstar3604d ago

Is the possibility to put entire game/movie series on one disc.

Imagine final fantasy 1 though 12 on one disc!

You get the idea.

Doppy3604d ago

That won't happen, because Square is too happy making money by re-releasing each one.

However I can see something like the full Final Fantasy 13 vs. being released with FF 7 Advent Children: Complete 2 (or whatever) on one disc. Also Wardevil the game and movie could also do this. I think having a short movie of the game should be included in all collectors editions of games. That would be awesome.

Danja3604d ago

That would be amazing to have all FF games on one disc...

I really wanna play FF9 again..for some reason I really like that game....but I can't seem to find it ne where , my 3rd disc got scratched really bad so I can't play it...

but I would rather MGS1 TO MGS4 all on one Blu Ray disc for PS3 now that would be epic...

Danja3604d ago (Edited 3604d ago )

bubbles.....I actually ordered a copy...XD

FF9 is the most underrated FF game IMO !

cyclindk3604d ago

But that would be a great marketing idea for Sony, for Blu-ray and for making extra cash on the series, even if Square didn't include a single piece of additional content.

Diamondwolf3604d ago

Big time agree, 9 is definately up there as one of my favorites. I remember playing it back in the day when it first came out and being completely hooked on Chocobo Hot and Cold, mainly because the rewards from it led to some very very powerful equipment.

Got all the way to the end, let a buddy play who didn't know what format meant and erased everything on my memory card.

Never touched it again until recently, played through it and finally beat it and the ending was epic!

9 knocked down X as being my #3 FF game, top 5 looking like


Honorable Mention - 8 due to the story, gameplay/draw system sucked buttcheeks

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MIA3604d ago

Mo' space is good. Game developers have no excuse for making short length games. Whats the point of beating a game in an 8 hr shift...

RememberThe3573604d ago

Making games this generation is rather expensive. Generally speaking, the more content in a game the more expensive the game is to make.

Bathyj3604d ago

It doesn't work like that Dude. Notice games have gotten shorter not longer. That because there's more of everything in them. More polygons, more effects, better textures etc etc, but not longer play time. To do that, they would have to create even more artwork, assets, sound, etc.

Doppy3604d ago

The reason games are only 8 hours is not because of space, but because the developers run out of ideas on how to keep gamers entertained. Would you rather play an 8 hour shooter that gives you everything you need, or drag through a 20 hour shooter that does nothing to progress the gameplay along.

If developers had all the time and money they wanted to make their games then all games would be great, but they don't so they have to give you pieces of it, and give you more when a sequel comes out.

ahnonamis3604d ago

As someone with a fulltime job and a family to take care of, games falling in the 8-15 hour range are the perfect length. I hate getting longer games (like RPGs) and then losing interest because I haven't beaten them after a month of playing.

LethalToxins3604d ago

Some of it has to do with online play being bigger now, too. You don't need to make the campaign as long when you can hook them on the multiplayer. Resources have to go into ensuring it's all balanced online and isn't broken. Developmental complexity is at an all time high now. It's not as easy as it once was. Considering how resources have gone up, it's kind of amazing that the price of a new game has only increased ten dollars since the NES era.

mpmaley3604d ago

I've been working on Nocturne since summer b/c of grad school and haven't lost interest yet, just have to play a good RPG :)

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ahnonamis3604d ago

If we keep seeing stories about the new Blu-ray discs we're going to need one just to store them all!

(And that is why I'm not a comedian.)

darkdoom30003604d ago

i actually found that sorta funny. bubbles for you.

Nicolator3604d ago

gd stuff... so much space to put all loads of content gd shyt since the ps3 can use. it.

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