Roadmap of future Intel Netbook chips surfaces

An Intel Netbook processor roadmap has emerged showing technology that extends to the 32-nanometer generation of silicon.
Future Netbook showed earlier this year at the Intel Developer's Forum

One recent version of Intel's handheld and Netbook roadmap shows a chip platform code-named Medfield, which will be based on next-generation 32-nanometer process technology. The roadmap is featured in a report by UBS Securities.

Medfield (2010) will be preceded by Pineview (2009), based on a 45-nanometer process--the manufacturing process currently used in Atom processors. (Note that Pineview has already been mentioned and discussed by other sources on the Web. It is cited in various articles as either a 45nm or 32nm chip.)

(For those keeping track of the confusing swirl of code names, Medfield would be the successor to Moorestown.)

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