Test Freaks: 22" Envision G22LWk DVI Widescreen LCD Monitor w/Speakers Review

Test Freaks writes: "The monitor of you computer is one of the most important parts, especially if you play games, and with monitors, my feeling is the bigger the better. You've got many choices when it comes to picking a monitor and it can be hard to do, the most common monitors now are LCDs, since they've been dropping in price most anyone can pick up a decent one these days. Personally I run three monitors, I used two for a while, then I hooked up a third and I'm hooked on the huge amount of screen real estate I've got. Of course for most people one monitor is more than enough, but when you spend most of your time in front of one, you come to learn that more than one can make you more productive.

Our friends at have sent me over one of their 22" LCD Monitors for review, it's from Envision and it's the G22LWK DVI Widescreen Monitor. As with most newer monitors this one features HDCP to make the most out of your digital content, it's got a resolution of 1680×1050 along with a 5ms response time. One of the more interesting features is that it includes both DVI and VGA or RGB analog connections and you can easily switch between them if need be with the push of a button in the menu."

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