Does Google Have a Secret OS?

Net Applications uses software sensors at 40,000 Web sites around the world to measure traffic and come up with its stats. These stats include operating system, browser, IP address, domain host, language, screen resolution, and a referring search engine, according to Vince Vizzaccaro, executive vice president of marketing and strategic alliances for Net Applications.

However, Net Applications noticed something unusual with stats from, which would represent Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) employees, not the public at large that use its search engine. Two-thirds of the visitors from did not hide what operating system they were running, which Net Applications recorded in its survey.

One-third, however, were unrecognized even though Net Applications' sensors can detect all major operating systems including most flavors of Unix and Linux. Even Microsoft's new Windows 7, which is deployed internally at Microsoft headquarters, would show up by its identifier string. But the Google operating systems were specifically blocked.

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RememberThe3573694d ago

I hope so. Ms needs some competition to get their creative juices flowing. They've had a monopoly for too long.

meepmoopmeep3694d ago

Google is a part of The Patriots


JsonHenry3694d ago

I would not mind seeing MS having to compete with something more user friendly than a form of Linux or an over priced (under performing) Mac machine.

lsujester3694d ago

Google CEO

Zero, founder and leader of the Patriots

I can totally see it.

Polluted3694d ago

Internally Google employees use a custom Linux distro jokingly called "Goobuntu". We've known about that for some time now. The question is whether they ever plan to release a desktop version or if they're just going to wait it out and go completely web based.

Lord Anubis3694d ago

they make their own stuff including custom hardware that's why they are where they are right now

Kushan3694d ago

It's already known that google has their own internal version of Linux that they use for various things. Not to mention this, but Google employees are allowed to use any OS they want, so who's to say 1/3 of the employees aren't just a little bit paranoid?

Or the most likely explanation of them all - Google's main focus is crawling the web. They don't just do it for search, either, they do it for their targeted advertising and God knows what else. It's likely that all this traffic is simply coming via automated services Google is running.

DJ3694d ago

I would probably pay cold hard cash to use a Google OS. That's how good their software is. Google's all about speed and efficiency, so I can imagine their OS (if they ever release it) running even faster than Linux (the fastest, smallest OS out there).

Kushan3694d ago

Linux isn't the fastest OR the smallest OS out there, but I suppose it's a matter of context.

DaKid3694d ago

I tried Chrome out, but I didn't like it as much as Firefox. so I went back.

As for this article, the more competition the better.

mrdxpr23694d ago

yeah crome is so fast and awsome to use... i used firefox but it was slow compared to chrome and safari well i just dont like it much ... and IE hahaha that just sucks

DJ3694d ago

Smallest PC OS in terms of footprint, at least that I've tried.

Serg3693d ago

Don't correct a correct statement, Linux is the lightest piece of software and the fastest, but it highly depends on your configuration. You can boot it from a floppy disk and have a fully operational text based linux, with a text based web-browser if you'd like so. If you overload it with software and additional plugins and so on, it would still be way faster than any Windows OS out there. Plus it would look way better, and "feel" way better (Haven't used it in a while, PC gaming is still my preference, but search for Compiz Fusion or Beryl on youtube to see SOME possibilities).

The best part is, the core system works text based (Console), something broken? Don't you dare to reformat, boot up the console and fix it. My Linux machine is 6 years old. The Gentoo Linux on it runs for 5 years, and it still runs, a Windows OS would be crawling after this period of time.

Unix technically is faster, but this is another chapter, also User friendly is an undefined term in the Unix dictionary so...

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PattyWacker3694d ago

What a kick in the junk for microsoft. Personally would be great seeing a monopoly like Microsoft get shafted a bit. Google probably has a better chance than Apple and there annoying azz commercials. We get it, Microsoft has some problems.

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