Microsoft Windows 7 Offers Touch Screen And Better Portability

Microsoft Windows 7 promises better battery life for laptops and has an array of new features not found in Windows XP or Vista. The boot-up times in Windows 7 are nearly twice as fast than Vista. It also offers a new device and printers stage that supports more external devices.

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flappo3604d ago

you wanna see what windoze will be like in 5 years time ?

nuff said

DevastationEve3604d ago (Edited 3604d ago )

Well, it's good that Microsoft is taking lessons from Apple. But I think there will ALWAYS be a defining line between Mac OSuX and Windows.

Vista is great, and Seven will be greater. I just wish people didn't pick it apart for all the wrong reasons. It's NOT slow, it's NOT just flashy, and it's NOT overbearing with UAC prompts (UAC...wasn't that in Doom3, lol).

Vista is that flashy woman in the red dress that stares at you from across the room and wows you with her looks AND intellect. And xp was that chick never failed to put a smile on your face and didn't ask for much in return;) Mac OS X was the girl you're afraid to date because she's still in high school.

DJ3604d ago

And every day I have to deal with compatibility issues (even with software built to run on Vista), constant errors within the OS, and occasional random crashes.

It's not fun.

I'm hoping to upgrade to Windows XP 64-Bit within the next few months, once I buy my SSD Hard Drive.

DevastationEve3604d ago

It would be so awesome of them to integrate the functionality of a touch screen through your already existing touchpad, for stylus usage and hand writing functions.

I mean, what good is it to add functionality for something that not everyone has.

Foxgod3604d ago

booting twice as fast, awesome, wonder how fast windows 7 installed on a ssd will boot, probably insanely fast.

gamfreak3604d ago

You are right to put more FOCUS on what you do best and stop wasting your time on the 360 you'll never win the console war and maybe you will gain back the reputations you have back in the days when Dos were created.