Blizzard: consoles soon obsolete, becoming one with PCs

Blizzard VP of business development Itzik Ben Bassat is keeping a watchful eye on console progression, supposing that the gaming devices could become obsolete in as few as five years. "The PC is becoming an entertainment hub ... Maybe in five years you won't need a console because you'll have one PC which delivers content [including games] all over your house," Bassat mused in a conversation with

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chitown4908d ago

screw that. i hate playing games on my computer. i prefer a console anyday to a pc. pcs are just retarded and u have to use odd keys to do moves: consoles are never gonna just flip over and die

JPomper4908d ago

Hahaha... this guy is hilarious. If anything, video games have become their own entity altogether. Consoles will never go away, simple as that. With their ease of use and level playing field, they're here to stay. If anything, computer gaming has become the field of the "elite" and needs platinum names to gain interest.

zonetrooper54908d ago

lol this guy is really dumb, sure i love playing on my PC but i also love playing on my console, whether it being the Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo Wii, Gamecube, N64, Xbox, PS2, PS1 or Atari. Consoles won't die until devs run out of ideas, we are gonna need to think of some new ideas as we should soon reach the graphical barrier, remember the 16 bit era, graphics got as good as possible but it was the gameplay which expanded and is not limited by a barrier, gameplay is only limited by the imagination and ideas of devs. Remember that PC games will reach the graphical barrier before consoles.

THWIP4908d ago

If anything, the PC is in danger of extinction....NOT the console.

eclipsegryph4908d ago

That... that makes almost no sense at all.

Wait. I was wrong. It absolutely makes no sense at all.

JPomper4908d ago

I'm pretty sure he means PC gaming, which isn't all that crazy of an idea. For the price of a top of the line video card, you could buy a 360, and that's just a small aspect of it. There's still driver/software problems that plenty of people run into when first trying to run games that some just don't feel like dealing with. I used to game exclusively on my PC, but the 360 does everything I want with video games. Sure the graphics might not be as good in a few months, but I could really care less. I have yet to see a PC game that looks as good as Gears so far.

Besides, I'd have to buy a whole new computer to get Crysis to run at full specs.

THWIP4908d ago

eclipsegryph, on the other hand.....well, you may want to work on those reading comprehension skills. :/

JPomper4908d ago

Well, to be fair you didn't specify PC "gaming", just the PC.

THWIP4908d ago

...I shouldn't have had to either. What I said was in direct parallel to Bassat's comment; he didn't say "console gaming", but "consoles".

TheThinker4908d ago

I have to agree with you, the PC gaming industry doesn't look good in comparison to the better deals you get with consoles. Aside from you pointed out on video card prices, I have a great disatisfaction with PCs in general due Microsoft's monopoly over Windows-based products. Windows Vista is supposed to come with its own brand of anti-virus/anti-spyware software right off the box, which sounds great and all except for the fact that this will squeeze the competetion from third party security programs and result in a further decline in quality software. Look at your Windows XP, do some research, and you'll find that it has A LOT of security holes that shouldn't be there. Heck, when a company owns the world's most popular, and most dominating, operating system, every business is affected and that includes games.

Consoles, thank goodness, are specially-made systems that tend to be much more reliable than PCs and more user-friendly due to their architecture and their operating systems. The PS3 uses linux as its OS, so conceivably you can have a top-of-the-line Linux computer that can do both games and work for a great price.

So yeah, consoles rule and the era of the PC game is slowly becoming both redundant and dead.

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Rooted_Dust4908d ago

Because then console gamers would have to learn to use their computer for something other than the internet.

Yo Wassap4908d ago

Mac FTW. Their simplicity and design is unparalleled, for instance there is only 1 wire? Hmmm if only developers ported more titles or excusively designed games for Mac OS

Dusk4908d ago

You know a log is pretty simple, too, but I'd rather game with something a little more advanced and capable.

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