How Has Fallout 76 Improved 2.5 Years Later?

Rocket Chainsaw: To say that Fallout 76 had a rocky launch would be an understatement, but how has the game improved 2.5 years later?

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fitofficial146d ago

It still sold well and from what I understand is still selling. Articles like this are a big part of the reason devs have covertly shifted their beta phases to post-release. They can release a broken game, people will bitch, it'll still sell, and then after it's "complete" journos will give it a second wind praising it for "how good it is now". Devs take a few arrows but get off pretty much scot-free, early adopters take the biggest hit, and journos get to play both sides of the field.

Welcome to game dev 2021 brought to you in part by garbage gaming journalism.

Spenok146d ago

Releasing a game broken is NEVER acceptable... but are you saying that if it does happen, be it for crap management knowing it sucks (like Cyberpunk etc) or due to whatever other reasons, we should just never give anyone a second chance?

Guess we need to shut down the most popular MMORPG, the most popular MORPG, and many other really, really good games now. Destiny, Diablo 3, Division, FFXIV, Minecraft, Halo MCC, Skyrim (this game is still broken...), GTA Online, Red Dead Online, Battlefield 4 etc and so on.

Again, no excuses... but saying it's not okay to give a second chance is ridiculous. You would expect one in your personal life if you screwed up. It's shortsighted to expect perfection from every game developer ever. All the time.

fitofficial146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

It's not a "second chance" when it's predictable and a repeated offense. Look at your own giant list of games. It's not like we're talking about one-offs here.

It's practically industry standard at this point, excuses or not.

Spenok145d ago

So again, never give anyone a second chance.


Got it.

fitofficial145d ago

Keep beating down that argument nobody's making. It's impressive.

jonos146d ago

Personally, the biggest issue that I have with Fallout: 76 is those online events and other non-stop stuff that was filling my hud. Everything is distracting me from playing the game at my own pace. I really liked Fallout 4 even with the flaws that it has, but I was not able to digest 76 and I tried it multiple times.