Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown's location is finally revealed

We've known for a while that Kylotonn Racing is working on an all-new Test Drive Unlimited, and now we finally know where it'll be set, with Hong Kong set to be the backdrop for the open world racer.

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Yi-Long75d ago

Nice to see them using the gorgeous city of HK as a location, although the end of the trailer seems to zoom out on -only- Hong Kong Island, which to me might be the least interesting part of Hong Kong, especially if we’re talking about roads to race on and scenery to race through, so hopefully Lantau Island, Kowloon and the New Territories will all be included as well …

The scene at the beach at the very beginning looked like it was on Lantau Island though (Cheung Sha Beach), so there’s hope it isn’t just HK Island …

glennhkboy75d ago

OK!! Now I'm excited for this game!!!!!!

NeoGamer23274d ago

Looks interesting for sure. It looks like there may be a wagering system in the game. If there is that would be cool.

But with a release window in late 2022, I would expect that on PS there would be the new GT and on XB Forza Motorsport releasing around the same time. If this game was March 2022 I could see it doing well, But if the other juggernauts release around the same time that could be an issue for this game. Maybe the others come out in 2023 and that would work well then for Test Drive?

RaidenBlack74d ago

Stil no in-engine trailer.
Anyways, it'll be a good casual alternative to the Sim juggernauts releasing next year, GT6 and Forza 8.

Aussieguy74d ago

I really hope this game is good because the PS5 really needs a good car game until Gran Turismo comes out. And with how long they normally take to make those games, it could be a long time.

Another car game im looking forward to is Dangerous Driving 2. I just want a quality racer for the ps5.

TallDarknWavy74d ago

Honestly, Project Cars 3 was criminally bashed when it came out and it runs perfectly on PS5, 60 FPS, set it to resolution mode and it's basically a 4k 60 game with the most fun handling model when you turn off all assists.

Aussieguy73d ago

Isnt Project cars a sim game ? I prefer fun racing games like Burnout, Project Gorham racing, basically street racing games that have fun gameplay not necessarily realistic gameplay.

TallDarknWavy73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

Project Cars has gone arcade with PC3, at least the option is there when you turn on assists, much to the derision of Sim fans. You will absolutely love PC3 then. Turn on assists and it plays better than Need for Speed and Burnout if arcade fun is your thing.