Crysis 3 Remastered Rated In Australia Completing The Trilogy

Crysis 3 Remastered is the latest game in the trilogy to get a rating in Australia thus completing the whole trilogy that is due out this Fall.

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autobotdan196d ago (Edited 196d ago )

I might purchase the remastered trilogy next year. Only If all three games are 4k/60fps and no cut content.

Ninver195d ago

^ this or don't even bother I say.

neutralgamer1992196d ago

To me this series was always more about visuals/tech demo than actual substance as in a fun game

TheRealTedCruz196d ago

Eh. I enjoyed them, but they always felt quite generic to be, despite having some interesting mechanics and being well made.

Kind of like a really shooting focused Deus Ex-lite without the strong writing.

neutralgamer1992195d ago

Yeah generic is a good word yo describe this series

spdarksky196d ago

I loved the mechanics and gameplay, all except for the fighting the alien part. I have a hard time finishing Crysis 3 but i enjoy the opening on the ship section. Still a very good looking game even by today's standard. Other than to make it for current gen, on PC I don't see why Crysis3 require a remaster as it's already look so good.

Profchaos196d ago

Articles incorrect it's not on ps5 and xsx/xss

Dirtnapstor195d ago

"Cloak engaged"
Always loved hearing that. Pretty good sp. I'd consider picking it up after a price drop.

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