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Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade ushers in the definitive version of one of the best role-playing games ever made.

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74d ago
ScootaKuH74d ago

Am I the only one who hates the combat in this game? I think the game itself is excellent but for me the combat is nasty. It's really killing the experience for me. Also some of the battles seem really unbalanced. Might just be me, but if the second instalment uses the same system I might well give it a miss

Give me back the old turn based combat!

Teflon0274d ago

You just seem like you can't accept change. The combat system is perfectly fine. Only thing I'll say is bad about it is the dodge roll. You have to use the counter dodge or its pointless to dodge. Otherwise it's about thinking. It's pretty similar when you're playing right. Also, while some fights are harder than others. It's mainly about strategy. It's like the 2 wolf fight at the beginning of Yuffies dlc. Most lose that fight the first go or few because it's not a normal fight you can get away with spamming. You're suppose to use your skills and such. Once you do it goes from being a unfair fight to easy

ScootaKuH74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

Of course I can accept change. I make no secret of the fact that I prefer turn based systems but real time combat is fine where it fits.

For me the remake looks and sounds the part but it just doesn't feel right. I've played plenty of games where real time combat works but for me it doesn't gel here. I know a lot of people like it and that's OK, but for me it doesn't work in this game. Shame because as a reimagining it really is good. If they keep this system for part 2 then fine, but I do hope they offer a proper turn based alternative

CrimsonWing6974d ago

As a turn based combat fan this is absolutely the best of both worlds. You still can slow down time to choose what you want or go all out in real-time. In my opinion this is the battle scheme that needs to be adopted in all future entries.

Unfortunately, FF16 looks like they’re going the Devil May Cry route..,

NukeDaHippies74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

It's ok, but it no turns based combat. My issue is it's kinda phoney at times too. Anything with a dumb stagger bar is usually a bunch of BS. Every time a boss's phase shifts the stagger bar goes back down in a feeble attempt to stop you from stomping the boss in 2 seconds. I REALLY hate when I work so hard to get that stupid bar up just for it to be forced back down to nothing cus I damaged it too much to get it up in the first place.

I think it at least has enough depth, nuances, and customization to have fun with, especially with how different the characters play. But boy is it cringy to see how hard they deny turn-based combat, despite how much they milk their legacy games WITH turn-based combat. Persona 5 is living proof it's still king.

ScootaKuH74d ago

I agree, and funny enough I was thinking of the Persona games, and even Yakuza Like a Dragon for proof of how well turn based still works

NukeDaHippies74d ago

I dunno weather this is for the yuffie part or intergrade as a whole. Either way a 10 is a major stretch. Yuffie dlc is a 6 at BEST. It's the most nothing story that ever was, with yuffie herself being the only good part....and fort condor? But it's still such a stupidly/poorly written side story, much like the side quests/storiesin the main game.

As for the main game I'd maybe give that an 8 or 7? Has a lot of pros which are often met with cons. Characters are faithfully written (mostly), combat is enjoyable even if it still pales to turn-based combat, there's a lot of customization, goofy minigames like the original, and when it's a faithfully remixed FF7 it's great.

But, Side Missions and most added story segments are terrible (looking at you jessie biggs and wedge side story). Many areas/parts of the game feel extremely stretched out even to newcomers, to the point where it messes with the pace of the story. An example being when your party needs to be somewhere in a hurry, but you spend an hour and a half in some dumb train yard that was cute for about 10 mins. More often then not there is too much fluff added to important scenes that need to be more focused.

Music is hit or miss, while there are some new themes added in that are cool, there's a lot of moments as a returning fan, i expect a rendition of an old song that was really memorable. Instead, I often found that it was replaced by a worse version or just a much more boring song. There are collectible remixes of old songs around the game, but it almost always makes you realize that the originals soundtrack had so much more personality

Possibly the greatest failure of this "REMAKE" is it's not a remake that stands on its own. Knowledge of the previous games are REQUIRED to understand end-game revelations. In which are convoluted, and disappointingly stupid. I'm looking forward to the second game, but some foundations that have been layed story-wise is terrifying, especially with their inability to write good original content for FF7. At least 80% of the newly added story was not good, but there was a some decent wholly original parts that give me some hope for the future.