Why Deacon St. John Is a Weak Protagonist

KeenGamer: "Days Gone's leading man is one of the most dull and hopelessly docile protagonists in quite some time and fails to captivate in the way you would expect a biker with his badass appearance to look and behave. This feature explains why Deacon St. John is a poor model for how videogame protagonists should behave along with examples of how he stacks up alongside his contemporaries."

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-Foxtrot74d ago

He was fine

There’s far worse characters out there

Lore73d ago

Agreed, if anything should be put into question it’s the writing. But the character has a lot of potential if a sequel is greenlit. Boozer had a good personality imo also

Sonic-and-Crash73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

when i first saw Deacon on first trailer ..i ve said here in N4G that he is not appealable (and many called me whitflake, weeb and other things)....the protagonist had artistic problems., its a fact....

not many out of US could relate to that Bike-renegade-gang culture protagonist (also he is a bit ugly ..if you have in mind that games need protagonists like Cloud, Snake or Link to have some decent success)

yes the game as whole is very good and at the end you like Deacon also as Fox says we have seen far worse ....but for a game , 7 years in development ,AAA production Sony should have corrected him

imo his design played a major negative role to first impression and the general sales of the game

bouzebbal73d ago

I think his personality is spot on.. you feel his sorrow in his eyes, he sacrifices everything for his close ones and is brutal against the enemies.

Yi-Long73d ago

Same for me, the character design simply never appealed to me, and the drab brown green world with zombies premise didn’t do much for me either.

And that’s okay. Not every game and character needs to appeal to me, or ANYONE, on a personal & individual level. That would be impossible and unlogical. Creators just need to be able to design the characters, the worlds, the stories they want, and then that product will find its own audience.

thorstein73d ago

I think the very criticisms are what make him a great character: He has flaws. I hate playing as superman in every single game: perfect in anyway, with no development.

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Tapani73d ago

He was fantastic, well acted, had really interesting vibes in the last 3rd of the game. High quality indie movie level performances, and very memorable guy. Obviously, it’s fantasy setting described with realism, but I thought he made a lot of sense. A lot of guys are like that.

Seraphim73d ago

while nothing exceptional he was that, just fine.

these useless opinion pieces are beyond old. No one cares who or isn't a good protagonist or 95% of the other junk put out there via "opinion pieces." Like a wise man once said, "Opinions are like buttholes, everyone has one." A lot of what is good or isn't is also subjective.

anast73d ago

They have to eat too, but yeah, game journos aren't known for their reach beyond banality.

neutralgamer199273d ago

In today's society it is not a accepted character that's just a fact of the matter. We are living in a Time where being a straight man especially white or any straight man for that matter is a downgrade (looked at negatively) compared to Women(with their me too) and LGBT(for them always playing the victim card)

Where everyone is a victim you to social media everyone has their feelings hurt and this is coming from a brown guy so I'm not racist. You can never have a real mature conversation until things become uncomfortable that's when you can make changes happen but when you always have your feelings hurt or what somebody else's then you can never have real change

The moment days gone was announced I saw so many comments saying oh there it goes another white man has a man character for a video game

Freedom of speech goes right out of the window then what's your speaking doesn't align with what they want you to say

Innocent until proven guilty is now guilty until proven innocent look no further than this metoo movement. It's not about powering these women who are victimized and some of them have but a lot of them took that opportunity to grow their careers and now 20 years 30 years later they want to come back and complain about it ask them how much money they have in their bank accounts

This is why this country is now so divided it's not because Trump was the president it's because he would say whatever the hell he felt like it whether you like it or not (once again coming from a democrat)

Fluttershy7773d ago

There's far worse characters out there, really? yes, of course, Deacon von Mumbling is quite bad though

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jznrpg73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

I liked him overall. Kind of a dick at times but he was in a zombie apocalypse not expecting the happiest guy in the world .

zsquaresoff73d ago

You can relate to him, that's the most important part, he had flaws and all which we all do.

Inverno73d ago

The overall story was oddly paced, so some things just needed to be better fleshed out. Personally I liked him, he was pissed at the world. He lost his wife, he lost a friend that became insane and formed a crew of religious crazy people, it's the end of the world and everything good going for him was shattered. He's a vet, he's a biker, has pride, lives by a code and he's someone that just gts shit done.
A sequel and maybe a couple of well done side stories in the form of comics could help his character develope more.

SegaSaturn66973d ago

tldr; he stopped lifting when he was 14.

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