Playstation Home almost here - but will it help PS3 beat Xbox 360?

Playstation Home. We've all heard of it, whether we're PS3, Xbox 360, or Wii owners, and some of us have even sampled it thanks to the ongoing beta. But with the promised but as yet unconfirmed proper launch date just around the corner, will Home exceed or shatter expectations, and if it does, will it help the PS3 beat the Xbox 360 at all this generation?

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chaosatom3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )


Can Home be any good?
Can Home do this?
Can Home do that?

We Don't know.
And I am sorry to say that the author is simply Dumb because He has already made his opinion on Home.

Breakfast3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

Home is gonna be fun for all.
...for about a week or two.

Then youll realize you bought your ps3 for gaming purposes, and not to dance in a line with 30 people.

Peter Griffin3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

@ chaos: i have u as a friend on PSN but u hardly sign on....should i remove u im running out of space......

on topic: Home has plenty of potential, isee it as a great place to meet ppl who share the same interest in games as u.

@breakfast: the point of the reply link is to respond in accordance wit the corresponding user u hit the reply link under.

jesus i kno breakfast is the most important meal of da day but uve lost it bro. sarcasm or not, sign off plz

Breakfast3628d ago

...ill let you say anything you want to me.


elorm93628d ago

It's just a social networking app. It may help Sony beat MS, but not significantly. Only the exclusive games will.

Armyless3628d ago

Home is what you want it to be... if you want it at all...

point being, it's not shoved down your throat as the only PS3 interface. If you don't like it, don't use it. Other people, who believe it or not, are actually different (and not just inferior to you) might actually enjoy making friends in a gaming social network. Although I can see how that doesn't work to your benefit, Breakfast.

MAR-TYR-DOM3628d ago

even if that happens which i doubt,
The only thing people will realize is that they have a choice to use it or not, its FREE.

So you fail on epic proportions, but pass in losing bubbles.

jwatt3628d ago

As long as they add stuff to keep you coming back to home, the only real reason I come back to Home is for chess, I'm addicted. It's like a game all by its self beside having to wait to play a game. If Sony add things to keep you coming back like for example Connect Four, Jeopardy, Basketball, and cool arcade games then Home will be just fine.

poopsack3628d ago

your so true breakfast, and when I find out that i biught it for gaming purposes, I will put up a game on launch and get a group of friends to play, jumping directly into a set game with specific rules without having to go through much work

lsujester3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

I'm with you jwatt. The only thing I do is bowl and shoot pool. I try to play chess, as I play in real life a good bit... but it's always full.

I would be in Home a lot more than I am now if they can add more games and more spaces to actually play them. But who knows, maybe the actual full release will have a good bit added in, but for right now, a year and a half of development and it still feels slightly underwhelming.

Not to say I don't like it, but right now it needs more to do to keep me coming back.

cayal3628d ago

I'll give it a go, but I don't have an opinion good or bad about it.

Szarky3628d ago

I wasted an hour and I created an avatar, played bowling (which was sort of lame), and did a lot of exploring. The time went by so fast. I felt like I accomplished nothing. I was impressed by now much little things there was to do but I don't think I'll go into it again. Total time waster, I would have rather spent that time playing a game. Maybe if I was 15 again, having my mom do my laundry and dinner and dishes and I had tonnes of free time I would be in home all the time. I'm a bit older now, I value the little time I have to game. I used to be SOOOO pumped about home about a year ago before it was delayed who knows how many times. Now, I got invited into the beta and it took me about a week or two to finally try it out. I had time earlier but I just didn't care enough to try it.

Jamegohanssj53628d ago

It's like this. You have to realize that they would have to really market home, so that others without the Internet know about it. Some of my friends who don't keep up with gaming news knows about Home simply because I told them. Home won't really sell consoles simply because everything doesn't have access to the Internet to find gaming news. I am sorry that sounds horrible, but I feel horrible.


Danja3628d ago

I dont think HOME will be a deciding factor when it comes to the PS3 beating the 360..

HOME will just distinguish the PS3 even further apart from the 360.

and so far i've really enjoyed HOME...the mini-games are really good and addictive and the best thing of all it's Free for ne one who own a PS3...

caladbolg7773628d ago

The PS3 doesn't need HOME to beat the 360. It's already a superior gaming console that's beating the 360 worldwide. HOME is just an added perk.

ultimolu3628d ago

You have no idea what Home is, do you?

It's a social networking app...ah screw it. I'll be talking to a wall. *sigh*

Marquis_de_Sade3628d ago

Thats been around for a while now with the NXE on Live, hopefully SONY make it just as easy to use as the 360 version.

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xhi43628d ago

every PS3 owner doesn't really care whether or not the PS3 sells more than the 360 or not

we're just pumped for all the mad games and free stuff we get like

God of War 3,
War Devil
Gran Turismo 5
White Knight Chronicles
Legend of Dragon 2
Dark Cloud 3
Uncharted 2
New insomniac Game
Jak 4
Resistance 2
Little Big Planet
New Team ICO game


QuackPot3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

.. but only because of what home should have been:

* a virtual world youtube for gamers but with MMORPG functionality.

* "Homes" or entire buildings should have been user created - LBP style

* gardens/furniture should be user created - LBP style

* gamers have to pay for more virtual real estate and extra features for building.

* entire virtual towns/cities can arise by users....naturally.

* allow the ability to created virtual shops for user to buy/sell items.

* have themed worlds - eg prehistoric, Roman, Greek, Future, movie etc.

* GTA-like abilities....running, shooting, fighting, holding, stealing, driving, flying etc.

* game character avatars.

Now with these alone - user created content/free roaming rpg - Home would be a winner.

But what I've seen of Home so thanks. I mean, have you seen the corny dancing? WTF.

Plus Home is going to be full of guys(the majority of gamers) so let the testorone go wild and allow the bros to build things and show off, play each other at basic games, hang out or get into figts etc FTW. But alas, not to be.

elorm93628d ago

I don't know if that's just sarcasm... But it's a SOCIAL NETWORKING APP!

QuackPot3628d ago


If it's a SOCIAL NETWORKING APP there are better ways to do it. Especially when its being hosted on a GAMING console not a PC.

You can still have the networking but also the gaming.

xhi43628d ago

Homes" or entire buildings should have been user created - LBP style - that would be sh1t! Are you fu**in high? Imagine CRAPPILY THOUSANDS OF USELESS BUILDINGS.....WTF? Are you drunk?

* gardens/furniture should be user created - LBP style - If you do that their's no incentive to get trophy's and points to go buy more furniture and real estate with in home.........dumbass

* gamers have to pay for more virtual real estate and extra features for building. - wtf? YOU WANT TO PAY? All you have to do is get more trophy points and your good, way better than having TO PAY! Your so stupid....

* entire virtual towns/cities can arise by users....naturally. - OH DEAR. This has to be the most stupid suggestion yet. Your talking about Sim City mate.....not bloody home.

* allow the ability to created virtual shops for user to buy/sell items. - that would be a good one, but that's just Second Life, and Home isn't about having a SECOND LIFE, its about SOCIAL INTERACTION between GAMERS. Not BUYING AND SELLING and setting up ONLINE STORES..........god.

* have themed worlds - eg prehistoric, Roman, Greek, Future, movie etc. - We have that..........Uncharted room, Warhawk room, resistance room, etc. If you want entire worlds.......that would be sh1thouse.

* GTA-like abilities....running, shooting, fighting, holding, stealing, driving, flying etc. - WTF, how ANNOYING would that be? Every ten seconds someone shooting, you die, someone steals your, people flying and driving around........WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU GTA IV if you want that...oh dear.

* game character avatars. - that's in there You obviously never been in home, have no idea what Home is about and are just trying to cast bad light on it.

YOU FAIL (at life.)

xhi43628d ago


Home is about social interaction between gamers.

The reason why your on minimum wage and already 43 is exemplified in your suggestions.

You want gaming in Home?

What about when you can WITH FRIENDS play echochrome, pool, bowling, the other arcade games, watch movies, jump into game sessions and much more coming.

Mate you must be drunk or something seriously.

lokiroo4203628d ago

quackpot it is pretty clear you dont understand a whole lot, first off home is still a beta, can you understand, second, its not a game and never will be a game, its a place to meet other people, a live blog, a live facebook, understand, dont worry about nobody cares what someone with an extra chromosome thinks anyway, dur da dur!

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George Sears3628d ago

I doubt that people would buy PS3's mainly because of Home. It's a great feature, and one that I am proud of beta testing myself, but it's not something that will system sell.

~"I am the Boss to surpass Big Boss himself...."

lokiroo4203628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

Wow proud of randomly being selected, there is nothing to test however except logging in, way to set the bar high for yourself.

Baba19063628d ago

i kind of agree. i think its more like an addon. its free and it makes the ps3 community stronger but it wont make hardware sells increase.

cant wait to be able to test it and really looking forward to all the things that will come with it.

LarVanian3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

In all honesty I do not give a f***ing rat's ass!
I was messing about in Home with my friend Aaron today and it was really good fun. We talked up girls (Who could have been men?!!), made new friends and just had a great time.
The only thing I wish Home would let you do is customize your apartment any way you want. (Like being able to put a picture of yourself on the wall)

BSigel813628d ago

They actually had that a while back, I don't know if they will be bringing it back

LakerGamerEnthusiast3628d ago

sony said that it was CONFIRMED that home was coming out this 15 or 30th of december but even though there are some doubters out there i am like pretty sure they mean it this time since they said it was for sure coming out before 09 so it basically looks like its there christmas present from them to us!!!! hopefully they complete there promise!!!! psn:erick21093 add me!