The King of Fighters XV Platforms Announced: PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, and PC

Today SNK finally announced the platforms on which its upcoming fighting game The King of Fighters XV will release.

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darthv7284d ago

Interesting that it says PS4 & 5 but only series X|S and not also xbox one.

Atticus_finch83d ago

The beginning of the end for xone. Im surprised more devs haven't left it behind yet.

Imortus_san83d ago

Why would they? 40+ million possible customers + Xbox Series total compatability.

spicelicka83d ago

Then why would it be on PS4?? They're the same gen. Doesn't make sense if they're already making it for last gen.

Teflon0283d ago

It's probably because the game is actually made on PS4 which means they'd have to adjust for XBOne I'd assume so it's easier to just give to ps5 and series consoles and call it a day