New AAA Game "Project HP" Teased by Nexon With Spectacular Trailer

Nexon announced an upcoming game code-named "Project HP" coming for PC with "brutal action" and "AAA" quality from the director of Vindictus.

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ApocalypseShadow106d ago

Can't wait until epic videogame battles look like the cinematics. Reminds me of the opening cinematic of Onimusha

We're still not there. But the combat in Ghost of Tsushima is bringing us closer to it. And Dynasty Warriors needs it.

Interesting teaser.

Flewid638105d ago

There's a long list of games that already do this.

rpvenom105d ago

let me know when this game comes to the west

Sonyslave3105d ago

Vindictus i use to play that game non stop. I love the scythe evie n the mana pistol girl.

Rambokind105d ago

Looks like a number of games already out. Try again?