It Seems Like Even Battle Royale Games Are Bored Of Battle Royale

No longer are players clamouring for every new multiplayer game to have some kind of forced battle royale component, evidenced by literally nobody caring about it being missing from the recently announced Battlefield 2042.

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bondsmx78d ago

As did I.

Just feel like if BF could nail a BR, it would be incredible.


You must be the other guy creeping from bush to bush ;)

JEECE78d ago

Good. This was the most annoying fad in gaming since the Wii.

KyRo78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

It's a game mode. How is that a fad? At one point when games didn't really have much to offer outside of DM and TDM. When other new modes such as SnD, CTF and KOTH were they labeled as a fad?

BR ain't for everyone and not every game needs one but look how far the BR concept has came from its infancy much like traditional multiplayer modes in general. Just because it don't appeal to you, there's literally 100s of millions of people playing BR games collectively who do enjoy them.

78d ago
NeoGamer23278d ago

I think Wii, Kinect, and PS Move were fine. The problem was when people thought that they were needed for every game.

Dance games - YES, Fitness games - YES, and there are some other game niches where these controls fit, just like a flight stick for a flight simulator, or steering wheels for driving games. But, as a "works for everything" controller, NO.

That's the problem, is people try and look at these as "the next big thing everyone will do". But, sorry, they aren't. They are niche things. So are battle royales. To me games fall in different genres. Battle royales are a genre and people that love large online competitive gaming.... That is their thing. But to me, games are more art. I love a great story with my games.

waverider78d ago

I have huge doubts thats true.... HUGE.

D3TH_D33LR78d ago

Facts. While the new hazard zone that’s supposedly similar to Tarkov sounds really awesome, to make a comparison, call of duty didn’t acknowledge or announce Warzone until it was ready too. I have a belief this is a similar thing with BF2042 as they have yet to announce the free to play modes or anything of that like but have said they will be a thing.

KyRo78d ago

Exactly. Maximise profits for the base game, then release a F2P mode later to entice people who were on the fence or never interested in BF to give it a go to potentially make more money via battle passes which are already confirmed for BF2042. This is EA. They love money lol.

D3TH_D33LR78d ago

For real. Battlepasses will be a thing and I’d imagine the weekly tides of war like assignments that was part of BFV with an item reward will be staying. Hope they can take a page from halo tho and make the passes completable no matter how long you take. Only thing that concerns me is balance of these specialists in the long wrong and how or if they plan to place them behind paywalls. Siege and a couple other games that use specialists are honestly hot garbage and become unbalanced messes as more get introduced

demonseye78d ago

well, this is good news. most games were forcing a battle royal mode in there. I don't really like the mode itself but enough people seem to like it. so it should be its own game and not like Battlefield just put a BR mode, so we can jump on the hype train. Cod warzone for better or worse is successful though.

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