10 RPGs from the PS1 in Dire Need of a Remake

Game Rant: "The PlayStation 1 is home to some of the very best RPGs ever made, many of which are arguably in dire need of a remake like Final Fantasy VII's."

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SaiyanFury153d ago

Personally, I play all these games on the system they came out on. I don't want them remade. Remastered perhaps, but not remade.

Seraphim153d ago

the problem, imo, comes in how they decide to remake a game. While VII:R did a great job there's still a part of me that wishes it was remade 1:1. Part of which, I imagine, is the lack of turn based RPGs currently releasing and having been released. Flip side, from what I've seen of RE2 & 3 it appears Capcom did a magnificent job on those remakes keeping them pretty true to their original. I do own them so someday I'll see for myself.

However some pixel remasters recently have been pretty good to decent enough. Perhaps still a cash grab but they do appear to be doing a better job with them. But even then you often get some jagginess with pixel remasters. Take Legend of Mana for example. In a way I'd prefer the original sprites and pixels to be replaced by clean, hand drawn models. Not pixelated replicas or remasters; I'm not knowledgeable in regards to the different techniques they use. In the case of FF 1-6 the BLM hat now droops instead of being pointy; though I believe that's carried from previous iterations of re-releases. While subtle, little changes such as that do annoy me as do the jaggy edges. Normally I would say that if I want to play a game I would play it on an older system but over the years I've sold A LOT of games; especially RPGs due to their value & thinking, at the time, I wouldn't want to replay them. While some are still reasonably priced some aren't. Not to mention the form factor. These games were created for CRTs and since I had a 32" trinitron that weighed a metric ton I sold it years ago when I bought my Bravia XBR2.

anyhoo, I think it really depends on the quality and scope. a lot of these games could get away with nothing more than a real good remaster. And honestly I think that's what a majority hope for; at least those of us who were around to play these games when they released. Along with ironing out any balancing issues. Apparently Dragon Warrior/Quest 1-3 remaster fixed the difficulty spike or virtually impossible to beat. Though I hear the game is now a bit too easy mid-late game. Regardless, a QOL improvement when necessary is a warm welcome imo.

metalhead153d ago

Legend of Dragoon came out when I was a kid. I feel I’d appreciate it way more now.

DCarnage153d ago

I think they're all fine the way they are. Maybe Vagrant Story and Parasite eve but the rest have timeless gfx.

DeathTouch153d ago

Wild ARMs, Final Fantasy VIII, Breath of Fire III, Valkyrie Profile, Tales of Destiny and Koudelka are some games that would benefit well from a Remake or Remaster as well.

Knightofelemia153d ago

Not a bad list personally I would also add Chrono Trigger, Xenosaga Trilogy, Arc the Lad, Alundra, Grandia, Wild Arms, Legend of Legaia I'd like to see as well. Glad to see Legend of Dragoon, Parasite Eve, Chrono Cross and Xenogears on the list.

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