How Kingdom Hearts Has Changed Final Fantasy

Though Kingdom Hearts is now its own sprawling franchise, the original 2002 release of the first game in the series held strong connections to the Final Fantasy series.

Final Fantasy X had released one year earlier, and was a turn-based RPG, like the nine games that preceded it. Kingdom Hearts was an action RPG that combined characters from Final Fantasy with Disney characters, an odd notion at the time of its release, but one that proved highly successful.

The Final Fantasy games have become more action-oriented since, largely abandoning their earlier turn-based format. The success of Kingdom Hearts as an action RPG could have influenced the direction of the Final Fantasy series.

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LightofDarkness79d ago

Not just gameplay-wise, but narratively too. And I don't think the influence has been positive.

Lightning Mr Bubbles78d ago

Honestly, the last great narrative to me was Final Fantasy X. I'm not sure that Kingdom Hearts had anything to do with the weak narratives of FF12, FF13, FF15. If anything they've made changes to the development teams and also merged with Enix. Remember before they were just Square Soft.

And then that brings us to FF7 Remake which to me is the best in a long time. I'm really intrigued by where they're taking the story. I think the game did a great job of introducing us to this world and characters. I know some people are complaining but I'm way more interested by the changes to the story, rather than just having a straight up remake where everyone already knows what's going to happen.

AceRimmer30278d ago

It's ruined Final Fantasy. The last few entries have had KH derivative gameplay, which is a bad thing. Strategy has gone out the window. It killed the turn-based foundation, regardless how 7R wants to fake it. As for narrative? Gone are the lovable, quirky, unique characters, replaced by uncharismatic blahs.
It's ironic and sad that the series that revolutionized gaming (FF) became a cheap imitation of a series it inspired.