Next-gen vs cross-gen: which benefits game studios more?

From Xfire: "Games like Demon's Souls, Returnal, Deathloop, and Abandoned, are all amazing titles with their own merit. It's just that they don't compare to the draw that the likes of Gran Turismo 7 and Horizon Forbidden West, as well as the next God of War game, will bring at launch.

After initially going all-in on the promise of next-generation advancements, it's as if Sony is now hesitant to dive deep into the PS5 well.

Why is that?"

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I think they are finding that it is tough to make a game that NEEDS the ps5 hardware for anything but 4k and ray tracing. When you can take those 2 graphics features away, and run the game at 30 fps in 1080p on the PS4, then why wouldn’t you?

As long as the ps5 eventually has games that can’t run on ps4, I’m happy. I trust Sony to not downgrade any games in order to force them to be cross gen. I wholeheartedly trust them to simply allow devs to make as much money as they can from their games.

Rude-ro82d ago

Everyone misses the fact that in the last three gems, counting this new one..
Every game can run on the hardware.
It is literally just the assets that makes a game look good that has been upgraded for most developers.
Crysis can run on the ps3, PS4 & ps5… how good it looks plus hii oh w well it runs is the difference.
Call of duty’s core engine is still the 1998 engine.
The added assets is due to hardware.

We want to see advancements? We have to pull the wool from our eyes first over the fact that developers and game engines are where gens separate themselves.
Hardware helps, game engines do.

Sony’s developers spent the better part of last gen building brand new game engines for the majority of their ips.
The added power of the ps5 will make them look fantastic while being less of a resource hog…

The average person on this page thinks they have been getting new everything every gen while the reality has been the opposite.

Pc is your prime example.
Hardware has only pushed performance and added in details but what was the last game on pc that was gen defining? You would have to go back decades.

Game engines are meant to last many years with modifications per hardware due to how long it takes to develop games.
^ this advances the feeling of new. Not pixels.


I agree with you mostly, but I think IW was the game that Call of Duty finally upgraded their game engine. And, I would point to BR games like PUBG as gen defining, since they barely ran on consoles. I’m expecting the sense of scale and draw distances to be what SSDs allow to be upgraded beyond what last gen hardwares was capable of.

I also don’t think the PS3 could run LoU2 or GoT. The former has too many AI details and context sensitive animations, and GoT has too dynamic of an environment.


I see these articles, and I can only hope that Ragnorak still wows us. I wasn’t exactly blown away by Forbidden West, but, by that same measure, next-gen-only games like Deathloop and Avatar aren’t blowing my mind either (and I can see where the hardware is allowing new possibilities, they are just believable leaps in capability).

I think the last great leap in graphics was Chaos Theory on Xbox. Outside of that, every other leap was believable and expected. I guess graphics are just THAT hard to top at this point, and I’m okay with that. I don’t think we need to get too much farther than the level of detail with LoU2. Between every character having a dynamic heartbeat and a name, and each dead face holding onto their last expressions just a little bit, what more can we want besides better draw distances and lighting?

medman81d ago

It's much more about level design and AI than graphics....the fact is, we likely won't see flying mounts in Forbidden West because of the ps4 limitations, and we won't know how great God of War could have been, or how more expansive and open the environments would have been, and how much better the enemy AI could be. I watched the Forbidden West demo and the graphics are great.....but you can see the limitations of the world, with enemies still confined to a relatively small fighting arena for combat, and the machines wandering back and forth in the same limited areas on the same walking paths, no variation, simple patterns. The developers are hamstrung from the start, and it's a shame.

medman82d ago (Edited 82d ago )

I'm fortunate to have ps5 and series x....I would prefer developers innovate with the new hardware, and not be limited to still designing game worlds for weak in 2013 jaguar cpu's in the ps4 and xbox one. The end.

glennhkboy82d ago

Unlike the pervious gens, this gen PS5/ Xbox Series doesn't have that "cannot-be-done-last-gen& quot; functions compare to PS4/ Xbox One.
PS3/ Xbox 360 -- build-in network function: this enabled on-line game play that was impossible on PS2/ OG Xbox
PS4/ Xbox One -- build-in HDD: this enabled true open world game play that is impossible on PS3/ Xbox 360.
PS5/Xbox Series -- ..............