Computer Vision Auto Aim Cheat States It Can Work on “Any Console”

one cheat maker has announced that their "Computer Vision" software can "auto aim," and "auto shot" enemies and will work on "any console."

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FlavorLav0177d ago

Cool. Guess I’ll continue playing single-player games. No cheaters allowed!

excaliburps77d ago

Hope Sony and MS sues their pants off.

Fntastic76d ago

But according to people here only PC games have cheaters 🙄

Dee_9177d ago

😂 this is so stupid. imagine being so miserable that you put so much time and effort into something just to screw with players online. The saddest part is I still manage to get kills on them ..

Michiel198977d ago

they do it to make money not to screw with the players. The people that make and distribute these things dont give an f about anyone besides themselves or their experience.

Magog76d ago

I think he means the people who buy this stuff...

Dee_9176d ago

im talking about both creator and consumer.

Michiel198976d ago

I have fewer issues with the people buying it than the ones creating that, but maybe thats a bit of flawed logic. Its human to want to win (at any cost) and the creators give them a way to do that in the worst way possible. On the other hand, if there was no demand for cheats/hacks then they wouldnt be so widespread probably.

jznrpg77d ago

I’m not a big MP guy but I did notice sometimes when I would try them out why in the hell am I dead when I spawn and shit like that . Totally takes any possible interest in any MP game when that happens .

TheRealTedCruz77d ago

Can we stop ruining multiplayer games, gamers?

CantThinkOfAUsername77d ago

Replace 'multiplayer games' with anything, 'gamers' with people, and the answer will always be no.

Ash01Live77d ago

Pretty soon these cheats won't require any input from the player, you can just sit on your hands and win every game. What's the point!!!!!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.