No WoW for Consoles

World of Warcraft is a cow with golden milk, but despite its obvious grazing success, it definitely won't be seeing the light of day on Xbox 360 or PS3.

Blizzard's vice president of business development, Itzik Ben Bassat, told that consoles still lacked the accomplishments of PC, specifically in the online department, which would have to develop further before it would appeal to the developer.

"We are not going to develop WoW for consoles. WoW was designed for PC and I think it will stay that way," he said. "Online console gaming is still in its very early stages, and it needs to be developed further to provide opportunities of a scale which will be interesting to us. "

However, he was far from rejecting the merits of next-generation consoles, heaping tankards of praise on Microsoft's Live Arcade offering - though he admits he hasn't seen as much of the PS3.

"We have been talking to Microsoft and Sony," he added. "Personally I love XBLA - I think Microsoft has done an excellent job developing it and there are lots of exciting things there."

"With my colleagues at Microsoft I can give my opinion on what I've seen. I'm very impressed, I'm impressed by the people who do it, and the service is very easy, very intuitive. I love it."

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OutpostCommand4905d ago

Thank goodness !
Ive lost enough friends to WoW on PC-
I sure as hell dont want 90% of my PS3 gaming friends going to the dark side too.

WoW is a plague. It will not stop until every gamer is infected.

Razzy4905d ago

Just throw some cash at them. I'm sure they'll change their mind.

timmyp534905d ago

most mmos dont interest me unless its good like FF

UrbanJabroni4905d ago

The number who play WOW, such as myself. Given that the game has 8000% more subscribers than ff, literally, don't you think that _maybe_ WOW is actually a pretty good game? Maybe?

JPomper4905d ago

Good, WoW's a waste of time and money, anyways.

gogators4905d ago

have something original like MSG 4 or Halo 3.

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The story is too old to be commented.