EA's View on PS3 Sells to Date

EA's recent quarterly conference call made headlines for the announcement of 10 to 15 games for the Wii and Nintendo DS in the coming year. But the full transcript also reveals some interesting thoughts from the mega-publisher on the present and future position of Sony's new system.

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no_more_heroes4908d ago

that's a given. Its just that it won't win by even a quarter of the margin that the ps2 did over the xbox and gamecube. And watch out for the Wii. That thing is targetting non gamers, remember? That means the other 7 billion people on Earth. I went from thinking the DS is crap, to searching madly all over Miami for one (apparently, everyone else did too). Now the DS is breaking sales records, both in hardware and software (especially in Japan, but most recently in the UK and France as well).

Grown Folks Talk4908d ago

will sell just fine. and thanks to 2k, i never have to buy madden again to get my football fix. boo ea.

OC_MurphysLaw4908d ago

that the titles of these articles as they are approved get grammatically checked? I mean come on..."PS3 sells to date"? Am I the only one that understands this is not grammatically correct?

That aside, I think all of us know in one way or another that the PS3 is going to sell. Now whether it wins out or not, well that I think is still in question and will be decided after the 2007 holiday. That really is a make or break time frame for the PS3 in my opinion.