MSNBC: Survey: Over half of adults play video games

MSNBC writes: "After a day of dirty diapers and "Dora the Explorer," of laundry and homework time, when her four kids are finally asleep, Sarah Ninesling begins roaming the ruins of a post-apocalyptic Washington, D.C., fighting mutants to help save the survivors of a nuclear war.

The 30-year-old stay-at-home mom from New York's Long Island plays "Fallout 3" and other games like "World of Warcraft" and "The Lord of the Rings Online." She plays every day, sometimes past midnight, to escape and relax and feel a sense of accomplishment."

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MAR-TYR-DOM3604d ago

neither my mom or dad play video games. This article is wrong.

shqype3604d ago

Neither do mine, but I will play with my kids!

Cyrus3653604d ago

I think anyone over 21 is considered an adult, so maybe in their survey, most of their 20 somethings said yeah they game, but the 40+ crowd only a few, so it avg's to over half...

Peter Griffin3604d ago

but im an adult and i play so how is it wrong?

when ur 50 are u goin to be playin Diego of War 4 for PS8?

didnt think so

ReTarDedFisHy3604d ago

Can people not tell when someone else is being sarcastic?

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Panthers3604d ago

It fails because your parents dont? Well I dont think they make up over 50% of the population.

My stepdad does. I think the Wii also added a lot to that number.

anubis123604d ago

i work at gamestop (nothing to brag about the place sucks balls) .... you'd be quite surprised....and they probably included all the systems just says "Video games"....i didnt read the article but consider Wii and Wii Fit......more to old people than kids (at my store) buy games for the wii...old people want to bowl without going anywhere...and Wii Fit sh!t i get so many old people call about Wii Fit it is aggravating...just look at ebay Wii Fit like #1 for how long LOL.......anyways in my conclusion...i agree with them...i dont know about 50%..mabye like 40% but still.

BigKev453604d ago

I'm 31 and still at the gaming.

RememberThe3573604d ago

She finds no sense of accomplishment in raising her kids?

Tsalagi3604d ago (Edited 3604d ago )

Someone needs to find a way to have that Achievement/Trophy sound happen when her kids accomplish something.


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The story is too old to be commented.