Stunning Ratchet And Clank-Inspired Scene Made by Dreams Player

A Dreams creator spends a week creating an impressively detailed world inspired by Ratchet and Clank, complete with iconic references.

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bloodyspasm103d ago

Was going to post this one as well. Dreams is mindblowing ^^

leahcim103d ago

It really is. And we, gamers, have to elevate this game to the sky because SONY is not doing it...sadly

Amplitude103d ago (Edited 103d ago )

Yeah dude. Sony launched the early access with absolutely no notice and then continued to be dead silent about Dreams for months leading up to launch, then launched without VR support which was insane, made physical copies bloody impossible to find day one, and then proceeded to run the worst ad campaign ever that didn't even slightly explain the creation aspect of the game, and then never talked about it again. My friends are huge PS gamers and they had no idea what it was until I showed them

I honestly expected a huge re-launch on PS5 but nope nothing. Not sure why Sony would invest all this time and money just to let it rot the way they're doing. ...maybe when psvr2 launches but I have my doubts

Teflon02103d ago

Seen Insomniac and Mm praising the creator like crazy on twitter yesterday. It's crazy impressive what people are doing

falconP103d ago

I wonder if any of these creators gets picked up for jobs... Either way, making something like this has got to be good for the resume.

Name Last Name102d ago

I remember some LBP1 creators being hired for LBP2.

Deathdeliverer103d ago

Remember that creation game on Xbox that was supposed to compete with MM? I don’t remember the name but man did that fail.

lodossrage103d ago

I think you meant project spark.

But to be fair if that is what you meant, it was called an "LBP killer". Not a Dreams competitor. I think Project Spark had already came and gone by time Dreams was even announced let alone released.

But my memory cold be wrong

spicelicka103d ago

It was called Project Spark and it did fail, but it was released 5 years before Dreams was. How can something compete with another 5 years in advance? Grow up man.

Meanwhile someone's made Quidditch in Halo 5. There is plenty of room for creativity in all platforms.

Deathdeliverer103d ago

Notice I never said dreams. I said MM which at that time was LBP2 or 3. Regardless, it failed. Reason I said MM is because project spark was “Just the beginning” according to them.

spicelicka103d ago

This is unreal, you could show this off as an actual game 10 years ago and no one would know it was created in another game.

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