Are we at risk of Final Fantasy 7 Remake fatigue?

After years of waiting, the first instalment in Square’s Final Fantasy 7 Remake sage finally launched in 2020. Despite some grumblings from detractors in regards to the direction of the remake, it was largely met with a positive reception. It bagged our Game of the Year 2020 award, and in our review Final Fantasy 7 Remake scored a flawless 10/10.

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masterfox154d ago

Like Cloud would say in FF7 Remake:


bouzebbal153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

Don't buy it if you don't want it..
We want great games.. And I'm most excited for the sequel than I was for the first episode because iknow post midget is the most interesting part of the game when you come in the world map and I loved the gameplay mechanics in episode 1

Not getting tired of killing Freeza always the same way in all dragon Ball games?? I'm not cause every game feels different. Ff7r is no exception

lucian229153d ago

He answered the question..... It asked if he was at risk for fatigue.... He said no...... Lol. He's all for the remakes.

curtain_swoosh153d ago

i think you misunderstood his response ha.

giveyerheadawobble153d ago

There's a couple of "midgets" in the game, but not sure which one you're referring to.

Godmars290153d ago

After one game with indication of how many parts the "full" version of this remake will be in or how many branching games there'll be? How many entries they'll need to tell their full stories, if they ever do?

Sure, the question is premature, but given that Square has become known "sequelitis" it likely going to be asked again.

giveyerheadawobble153d ago

Read the article. Seems like most on here that have left a response haven't. in it, the writer says

"Maybe once this grandiose journey reaches its end, this article will look laughably outdated. Hopefully we’ll all be able to rejoice at how masterfully the Remake experience came together. I’m more than willing to accept that as a possibility"

So, the author is well aware of what he/she is saying. Most of the worries are well founded and with good reason. The first part of the game was fantastic, mostly because it followed the original's main story for the most part, but like myself, is left apprehensive about where it's going because of the ridiculous JJ Abrams style meddling by convoluting the plot with the timeline bullshit, which to me seems like a copout way of retconning the original' story. It seems like they got about half way into this project and realised they'd bitten off far more than they could chew at the time and made a creative decision to change the story so that a final product could (eventually) be put out in parts. Remember, they have an entire world map to build here, plus have the field locations somehow to seamlessly integrate into that now that it's completely 3d. The game, technically, should now be shifting to a completely open world if it's to be done correctly. Square have given themselves a game design headache that they have to solve, and that's not even talking about the plot.

justadelusion153d ago

the padding alone in the first game gave me fatigue

-Foxtrot153d ago

Square: "We are doing this to expand the story and give Midgar a rich history"

The Game: "Find my cats" / "We have a rat problem"

giveyerheadawobble153d ago

The reason I think the padding is there (which I didn't actually mind as it added to the original's lore without breaking it) is because they had to flesh the game into a full game to sell at full price. Like I say, they realised the scope of what they had to do. They probably realised it would take another few years just to build the open world aspect, so they padded out what they had and shipped the game whilst figuring out what to do next. It's the reason why that ending just feels bolted on, and those whisper things felt so out of place. They're going to change the story in order to just get it done, skipping large swaths of the original with a retconned plot and that's fucking bullshit.

Kyizen153d ago

Its didn't bother me. Cause it was extra if you wanted more but the core game was still 15+ hours. People just expect 50+ hours from JRPGs these days just look at all the side stuff in Ni No Kuni 2 or Dragon Quest 11 or any Tales game actually!

ScootaKuH153d ago

Yeah there is a lot. The side quests are nothing but filler and don't really add anything at all to the game. Looking for cats and children with sword on their backs isn't my idea of fun

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waverider153d ago

Are we at risk of of people that dont understand nothing of gaming and just write mindless stuff to get clicks?

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