What’s Next For The Mafia Franchise?

KeenGamer: "The Mafia franchise has chronicled a fictionalised version of the Mob and its activities from prohibition to the swinging sixties. With a fourth game almost certainly in development, where does the franchise goes from here? Here are three possible answers to that burning question."

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1nsomniac1053d ago

We’re about to find out. News to be released soon.


15 Amazing Open World Gangster Games You Need to Experience

GB: "With this feature, we take a look at 15 of the best open world games that have a gangster theme."

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Agent7560d ago

I sort if disagree with The Getaway. Playing it all those years ago, it had a dodgy control system, more so vehicles, was slow and was graphically unfinished. The sequel was even worse and the third game on PS3 was canned. I think Sony should take both games and merge them into one (as with the soon to be released Max Payne 1 and 2). Weird how Sony messed up The Getaway never to be seen again.


10 Games to Play While You Wait for GTA 6

These open world games might scratch your Grand Theft Auto itch until GTA 6 comes out.

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PS Plus Monthly Games for November – Mafia II: DE, Dragon Ball: The Breakers, Aliens Fireteam Elite

Games playable November 7 + Sony Pictures Core benefit for PlayStation Plus members this month

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seanpitt23204d ago

They put the money up a massive amount and we get this junk!
Sony are trying to pull that money back from what there management has balls up over the past 3 years with GAAS failure! There greed will be there failure.. we mess up it's on you to take the hit our loyal fans!

Hereandthere204d ago

They raise prices on plus, then go on to feed us trash and expect us to smile?

204d ago
Einhander1972204d ago

At least PS Plus still gives monthly games.

204d ago
Rhythmattic39d ago

Hey Ronny, its not always perfect, but im loving F1 23

Crows90204d ago

Games with gold is junk yes...but this is about ps plus offerings which are decent this month.

Mafia 2 is a decent game and aliens fire team is a decent game. Not a junk month...you must have PTSD from gwg

blackblades204d ago

Whoever live off ps+ games got issues. Seriously who the hell pay this much attention to these games and call them junk because you don't have the interest to play them. Go out there and buy you a game to enjoy.

Abear21203d ago

Truth, but after raising prices I think some thought Sony would want to foster some good will. Arrogant Sony is officially back!

Crows90203d ago

Yes the games are average...just like Starfield. Lol

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monkey602204d ago

Not a great selection. They're okay I guess but I'm not interested

RpgSama204d ago

Not the best month and not the worst month, nothing that interest me though, hopefully the Plus Premium will be better, still need to get to Sea of Stars though.

monkey602204d ago

I've been too busy to catch up myself. Going to get through Spiderman 2 and then I want to play Disco Elysium

crazyCoconuts204d ago

I'm thinking it might be the worst month for PS since PS5 came out...
Still way better than any gold month has been of course.

S2Killinit203d ago (Edited 203d ago )

This from the article about the Sony Pictures Benefits for Plus members:

Starting on November 1 all PlayStation Plus members will receive a 15% discount on all content available for purchase and rental in Sony Pictures Core during the month of November.

Lastly, we hope you caught the premiere of the new mind-bending interactive streaming series Silent Hill: Ascension which made its debut yesterday. In addition to the interactive series, a weekly compilation of audience-influenced storylines will be packaged into TV episodes, and PlayStation Plus Premium/Deluxe members will have exclusive access to all weekly compilation episodes 24-hours before they debut on other platforms.

What is this all about?

Abnor_Mal204d ago

I heard Aliens Fire Team was good before, so I’ll give that a try. The rest I’m not interested in, but will still add to my library.

thesoftware730204d ago

Aliens is really fun, and even better with friends.

VersusDMC204d ago

Had fun playing Aliens single player. Will add to the library to replay at some point.

Becuzisaid204d ago

Was curious about Aliens, and I have the first and third Mafia games already, so this at least completes the trilogy for me.