Larian's Next Big Move: What the Future Could Hold for 'Baldur's Gate 3'

It has been a long, quiet waiting period for supporters of Baldur’s Gate 3’s early access, but project director and all-around conduit of positivity Swen Vincke has finally brought nourishment to his hungry flock.

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Bender650276d ago (Edited 76d ago )

Now here's a studio MS should buy! If MS really wants to dominate the RPG space, then CRPG's and D&D are an important part of the RPG genre imho. There's also the studio 'Tactical adventures', who have recently released the excellent 'Solasta..' title. TBH I'm enjoying Solasta even more than BG3 at the moment. But yeah, either would be a great addition to the MS portfolio.

Bladesfist76d ago

I'd rather they didn't, it's crazy how many of the RPG studios are already in Microsoft's hands, it's nice to have at least a few remain independent.

enkiduxiv76d ago

Exactly. If one publisher controls all these developers then it stands to reason that the release of rpgs will slow down. Let's say for example that Outer Worlds 2 and Starfield are ready for release at the same time (I know they aren't but for the sake of argument). Microsoft would probably have to delay one of them so that it wouldn't steal attention from each other. If they were competitors we could almost expect them to release at the same time because the studios would want to compete with one another. When you add inXile into the mix and all of a sudden everything slows down even more.

Tacoboto76d ago


Titanfall 2 flopped commercially because it released sandwiched between COD and the publisher's own Battlefield. Would a delay or staggered release for it really have been a bad thing? Don't you think Guerrilla might be a little bit more at ease if Horizon wasn't always being compared with BotW, for doing nothing more than just having released in the same week? Why do you think the releases of December 2020 vacated their dates as soon as CDPR announced Cyberpunk's?

The studios don't want to compete with each other, at least not directly. Like in Hollywood, they just want your time and money. They can't get that if they and others are competing for the same $70 you're willing to spend that week.

Soulsborne76d ago

Fuck off with the MS acquisitions please and thank you.

Bender650276d ago

Okay maybe Sony should buy them. I don't mind either way as long as they get to console!

Michiel198976d ago

and you think Sven Vincke would let that happen? the only thing they got from making the divinity (not dos) games in collab with 3rd parties were deadlines (one of their games even got released without them knowing). They almost went bankrupt because of it. No way he will let an aqcuisition happen.

bacano76d ago

I really want to try BG3 but it's a shame that they didn't dropped the price a penny during Summer sale. I'm still playing deadfire and next in the queue is Divinity II so no hurries. I'll wait for a discount or for a full release, whatever happens first.

Bender650276d ago

I agree. Even the early access was at full RRP. TBH, with so many updates that make your current saves incompatible you're better off waiting for full release.

poppatron76d ago

I played through divinity 2 last year on PlayStation. It really was awesome, I’ve only gotten into a few games like it before but this was so good. Some fights last ages, it’s like chess, planning the next few moves with your different characters. I’ve got dead fire on game pass now, I’m almost apprehensive because I know the potential time sponge it may be. Also I find these games quite hard to get into, a good few hours need to get sunk in before I’ve really got the mechanics and they fully sink their claws in

anast76d ago

Pillars 2 is worth imo.

anast76d ago

I like Deadfire more than Divinity 2. I never really felt like I was leveling up in Divinity. Of course, I was, but toward the end, I just wanted it to be over with (I played it on classic). It seemed like the teleport spell was to bridge the huge gap between adventure mode and classic mode. I even enjoy Pathfinder: Kingmaker more than Divinity.

anast76d ago

There next move should be to finish the game. Has anyone played this so far? Is it worth waiting for?