5 Great Survival Games on PlayStation Now

The Long Dark, Prey, and Stranded Deep are some of the entries you can enjoy if you are a PlayStation Now (PS Now) subscriber. From survival horrors to more story-driven experiences, if you are a fan of the survival genre you will definitely be pleased with the games the PS Now service has to offer. Check out more PS Now survival games here!

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Neil Druckmann And Troy Baker Experience The Last Of Us At Halloween Horror Nights

This looks awesome. ’ Halloween Horror Night sends Neil Druckmann, Co-Studio Head & Head of Creative at Naughty Dog, and Troy Baker, the actor behind Joel, on a terrifying excursion of the “The Last of Us” haunted house, based on Naughty Dog and PlayStation’s award-winning post-pandemic video game.

Christopher6d ago

Neil's body language seems to say the opposite of what he says. He doesn't seem to react to anything other than pointing.

mkis0076d ago

To me it looks like he is not easily scared.

Garethvk5d ago

You have to wonder if it is one of those cases of I know I have to be here for P.R. reasons but I am not really excited to be here.


Comparing The Last Of Us: Which Told the Story Better, the TV Show or the Video Game?

Naughty Dog's beloved property has been put into live-action and nominated for its greatness. But is the game better? Find out The Outerhaven's The Last Of Us Comparison!

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-Foxtrot47d ago


The show literally rushed to the end and skipped out so many things for the sake of finishing the first game in 9 episodes.

Tendrils to spores, Tess having a weird new death with a kiss, Bill and Franks relationship not turning sour, Bills town with Joel hanging upside down as the Bloater attacks was cut, Kathleen's group as the shows "Hunters", Kathleen as a character in general with her stupid decisions. Just seemed like changes for the sake of change.

It's like for every scene they kept the same from the game, there was like 3-4 changes which didn't really needed to be changed.

The funny thing is, because video game adaptations are such a low bar, it's still one of the better ones on screen.

SonyStyled47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

I really liked how they fleshed out the winter scene in the show so we know more about the hunter group at the ski resort in the game, but I didn’t like how the deer and rabbit chapters from the game didn’t carry over to the show

Tapani47d ago

You are a professional complainer.

I liked both the show and game, they are different things and can be appreciated in different ways. I'm also pretty sure the showrunners (including game director) know the best what makes sense for a TV audience. After all, the show stands at 96/100 at Rotten Tomatoes based on 153 reviews, pretty much a perfect score.

-Foxtrot47d ago


Ahhhh the same old

“Call me a complainer, personally attacking me, the user, but don’t actually give any sound counter points to why it wrong”

It’s boring, come up with something, anything

Oh and talking about the scores

Come on, like I said it’s the better adaptation out of them all but it’s a low bar…also it’s HBO which give it a boost with their track record along with people adoring Pedro Pascal. I could bring up plenty of highly scored shows which are now overrated looking back on them.

S2Killinit47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

The game of course. Its like saying which told the story better, the book or the movie.

Ps: really liking the show so far, but yeah its not a comparison to the game.

darthv7249d ago

The show was entertaining, but it missed its chance to really flesh out more of the characters. It felt too condensed as they tried to fit the entirety of the first game into one season. They should have stretched things out over two seasons before going into the 2nd game.

mandf49d ago

First ends when joel and el leave the college wounded cliffhanger end scene. Second season plays out. I feel the second game is to long for one season. Saying that the first one deserves seasons. If the second one gets. Just high pondering

arkard47d ago

Second game was already confirmed to be at least 2 seasons

Inverno48d ago

The show since it focused entirely on the story

mgszelda148d ago

The game focused on Joel and ellie. The show lost the core focus entirely

Inverno48d ago

Joel and Ellie are better fleshed out in the show. They have actual chemistry unlike in the game where Joel is emotionally distant the entire time. They share more lighthearted moments, we actually see Joel slowly retaining his humanity. Joel's relationship with his brother is better fleshed out rather than them simply cutting all communication, him and Tess are actually a couple. Ellie being a lesbian is better handled in the show, where in the game it feels like an after thought for dlc.
Then you have all the supporting characters that barely had any development in the game, they get so better flashed out and Joel and Ellie are in one way or another present in those episodes. Dood the show does it better in every single way

-Foxtrot47d ago (Edited 47d ago )


What are you talking about?

Joel and Ellie in the show have no emotional bound at all, they barely connect as they rush through the game.

Also Troy and Ashley managed to be more emotional with their characters and have more chemistry with each other despite the fact they were in a mo-cap studio, with no real surroundings, in a silly mo-cap suit and aren't big Hollywood actors.

The way Pedro said "Unhook her" and "You'd just come after us" in the Hospital scene, he just sounded so bored, like he was ready to leave work for the day. Troy had so much more emotion in his scenes.

Also characters like Tess were done so dirty in the show.

CantThinkOfAUsername48d ago

Did you snooze during the cutscenes? Your second comment makes no sense if you paid attention to the story and dialogue in the game.

Crows9047d ago

Either he skipped the cutscenes or he didn't play the game

mgszelda147d ago

This dude is out of his mind. The show is mediocre on its own. Compared to the game it's a lesser version in literally every way possible.

Inverno47d ago

"you didn't play the game" won't work on me homie, cause I played the game. Perhaps I need a refresher but I stand by what I said. The show tells the story in a much better way.

Rocketisleague47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

You're on a gaming site lad you'll get way less agrees and no critical thinking.

The pacing in the game is slow and you're right, the show tells it way better. It improved basically everything. Although I'm one of the few who liked Bill and Frank in the game way more. Felt the show forced that whole ep and liked the games version more. The backstory was handled waaay better too in the show

Either way every thing else is improved in the show. Coulda used more clicker action...but tbh it shows exactly where Neil drunkmans true passions lie and it is NOT gaming.

Just goes to show you the story was never anything special anyway, may aswell be a spinoff of the walking dead.

This is a problem.with gaming in general anyway, it's much tougher to keep a story going in a game as it also needs to be game. The show is just focused on one thing

Inverno47d ago

With how he handled the show I was thinking he'd be a much better fit as a film director than a game director. Show honestly changed my opinion on the guy somewhat and I'm curious on what he'll carry from that experience to whatever he makes next.