Hey Look, The Daily Mail Reported On Videogames Again

Negative Gamer reports on the Daily Mail's latest attempt to wag the finger of discontent at videogames. This time, over Scrabble.

NG writes:

"In other breaking news, I rearranged some of the letters in the headline of this article and was shocked to find it spells the words "c*nted fa*goting tw*t". There is only one thing left to do to defend Britain from the foreigners who clearly caused this. We must ban this sick filth! WE MUST BAN THE ALPHABET!"

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Tony999Montana3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

It's a pity how many people actually believe and recite everything the daily mail says as truth. My Dads a great example, every time I see him he quotes a line from the daily mail.

EDIT: Having now actually read the negative gamer article I have a few more comments to add. Firstly the definition of "f*ckers" is hilarious who could complain about that :P. Secondly the quote at the bottom of the article is ridiculous: "games are allowed to be sold without any censorship or warning". All games undergo a process of censorship by the BBFC and all games contain a pretty clear warning, 12 15 18 etc in Britain. Another reason why he is obviously lying is because he claims to have bought an 18 nintendo game, everyone knows nintendo is for kids :P j/k

shadowghost7523600d ago

THe Daily MAil report on videogames every FRiday in their games reviews section, i post their review here every week, this is not really a big deal